Week 11 Picks – ALL II

Posted: November 20, 2011 in ALL II

About last Thursday…

I could not believe what I saw with Tim Tebow leading another improbable drive late to win a game.  Mind-boggling.  It is not magic either.  Magic is making an BMW disappear from under a cloth or attempting to guess my card while simultaneously stealing my watch.  I suppose that is sleight of hand but still this Tebow thing needs to stop.  It is silly.  Why do teams change what they were doing when it worked all game long?  The Broncos offense did terribly until the final drive where nickel dominated and Tebow – balls in the dirt and all- picked them apart.  Prevent has never been my favorite either so until teams stop outsmarting themselves then Tebow’s legacy will grow.  4-1 as a starter and under 50% in all four wins.  Does not get to double digit completions.  Pitiful.  Call me a sinner, a fan of gator barbeque, or Kyle Orton supporter but I will still go against Tebow EVERYTIME.  I just feel dirty watching him win.  Probably because Mark Sanchez looks that much worse.  As a USC fan it serves him right to fail after the great Pete Carroll, innocent until proven guilty, suggested staying for another season.  Sanchize that!

Week 11 Picks

Dolphins (-2) vs. Bills – Easy pick as the Bills offense should be able to contain the Matt Moore/Reggie Bush experience.  Just watched USC upset Oregon and will be integrating lots of college football here.  SO unless Reggie Bush is doing (this) then I like the Harvard man to get the job done.

Titans vs. Falcons (-6) – Coming off questionable decision making, I like the dirtiest of birds to redeem themselves despite a potential big day from Chris Johnson.  Titans still cannot stretch the field vertically allowing a weak secondary to be unexposed.

Bengals vs. Ravens (-6.5) – I am drinking the Kool-Aid on the Bengals playing the Ravens tough.  Rookie of the Year Andy Dalton will continue this trend after a fine showing against the Steelers.  Like the Ravens to win outright but take the points and hope Air Flacco is in the house.  Why would anyone have Flacco throw more than 30 times?  52 attempts against Seattle?  Check minus!

Browns (-1) vs. Jaguars – Hard to pick the team with the better quarterback because I cannot identify who he is.  I do know MJD is the better running back and that should be enough to win the game outright.

Raiders vs. Vikings (-1) – At no point should the Vikings be favored.  Raiders will win this convincingly.  I almost picked up Carson Palmer for this week’s fantasy football bye week scramble but remembered he was good for at least a pick-six per game.

Panthers vs. Lions (-7) – I am not ready to overact to a horrible game in Chicago but I did come close to picking the Panthers.  Cameron Newton is trustworthy but it is the defense that worries me.  Give the points but be wary of Newton’s ability to cover almost every week.

World Champion Packers (-14) vs. Buccaneers – I almost never take a huge number but we almost never see a quarterback play this well for so long.  Also, Josh Freeman not looking like a world beater but should get some help from a shady Packers defense.

Cowboys (-7) vs Redskins – Rex. Grossman.  Seriously the Redskins defense is convincing.  Dallas should win but a division game like this will not be easy given the injuries hampering the Cowboys talent.  Take some points!

Cardinals vs. 49ers (-10) – Underwhelming Cardinals offense against a complete 49ers team.  Like the Alex Smith experience…just took a while to enjoy.

Seahawks vs. Rams (-3) – I thought I would never support a Tavaris Jackson experience but a banged up Bradford plus an underrated Seahawks defense makes Seattle a good bet here.  Seahawks outright winner.

Chargers vs. Bears (-3.5) – Once again the Bears get fantastic luck in catching the Chargers in a free fall.  Norv Turner should be on the hot seat but is not due to internal politics.  High winds and a protected Cutler add another notch to the belt of the 4th best team in the NFC.

Giants (-5) vs. Eagles – Mr. Dream Team in primetime.  Sadly Manning, Eli is having a great season and will only add to it by winning a key division game.

Chiefs vs. Patriots (-15): Too many points against a terrible defense.  The Tom Terrifics win but take the points.


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