Week 11 Picks – Cheeks

Posted: November 20, 2011 in Okafor's Corner

Week 11 Picks

Miami Dolphins (-2) vs. Buffalo Bills – The Dolphins have won two in a row and the Bills have been blown out two games in a row. In the two blowout losses, Ryan Fitzgerald has failed to live up to the new contract (2:5 TD-INT ratio). I expect Fitzgerald to continue to struggle and therefore I’m picking the Dolphins outright and am giving the points.

Tennessee Titans vs. Atlanta Falcons (-6) – The Titans’ win on the road versus the Panthers was impressive but the Falcons have been very successful at home since Matt Ryan became the starter three years ago. Also, unlike the Panthers, the Falcons possess a competent defense. The Falcons will win but I’m taking the points.

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Baltimore Ravens (-6.5) – The Bengals lost Leon Hall, their best defensive player, for the rest of the season and their best playmaker, A.J. Green will not play this week. This game will essentially mark the end of any hopes that the Bengals will win the AFC North. Baltimore will win and I’m giving the points without an ounce of reluctance.

Cleveland Browns (-1) vs. Jacksonville Jaguars – Who is going to watch this game? I certainly will not. I’m picking the Jaguars to win simply because they possess the better defense but I’m taking the points.

Oakland Raiders vs. Minnesota Vikings (-1) – For me, this was one of the toughest games to predict. The Raiders are the better team but they are playing on the road and they are very undisciplined (evidenced by being one of the most penalized teams in the league). I’ll reluctantly predict a Raiders’ win and am giving the points.

Carolina Panthers vs. Detroit Lions (-7) – Is certain of two things for this game: 1. The Panthers’offense will not duplicate their poor showing from last week. 2. The Lions’ offense will not duplicate their poor showing from last week. The Lions will win but I’m taking the points.

Green Bay Packers (-14) vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Aaron Rodgers is unequivocally BEST quarterback in the game. Josh Freeman has performed at a bottom-five level this year. The Packers will win and give me the points!!

Dallas Cowboys (-7) vs. Washington Redskins – The Cowboys have played very well in the past month (except for the game against the fraudulent Eagles). Romo is completely healthy and DeMarco Murray has proven to be a legitimate, reliable starting running back. But the Cowboys are playing on the road versus a divisional opponent. Cowboys win but I’m taking the points.

Arizona Cardinals vs. San Francisco 49ers (-10) –Alex Smith manages the game well and will certainly manage the 49ers to a win but 10 points is a lot to give to an offense that is not particularly explosive. I’m taking the points on this one.

Seattle Seahawks vs. St. Louis Rams (-3) – What has happened to Sam Bradford?! I still believe that he will eventually become an elite quarterback but my conviction has been shaken by his performance so far this season. Give me the points and a Seahawks win.

San Diego Chargers vs. Chicago Bears (-3.5) – It is remarkable how many people have flipped their beliefs on the Bears. The Bears are now considered a very good team that can upset some teams in the playoffs. Yes, the offensive line has improved and Mike Martz modified his offense to better fit their personnel but the defense has improved dramatically. The Bears’ defense has forced a total of eight turnovers in the past two games. That is not a good sign for turnover prone Phillip Rivers. I foresee a Bears win and I’m taking the points.

New York Giants (-5) vs. Philadelphia Eagles – Dream Team my a**. Vince Young is expected to start. Is their anything else that needs to be said? Giants win and I’m giving the points.

Kansas City Chiefs vs. New England Patriots (-15) – Tony Moeaki, Eric Berry, Jamal Charles, and now Matt Cassel is out of the rest of the season. The Pats will win but I’m taking the points.


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