Green Bay/Detroit: A Thanksgivings Day Chronicle

Posted: November 24, 2011 in ALL II
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Being the resident Cheese Head, here is my take on the Thanksgiving tradition of Lions vs….the Champs.

First Quarter

4:30: The gaps in the Packers run defense cannot be wider.  Kevin Smith is gashing the defense, opening up the passing game for wide open completions.  It is the most glaring weakness of this team and others cannot consistently exploit it.  It opens up the running back out the back field too.

2:12:  If I have said it once, I will say it twenty more times.  Mike McCarthy’s insistence on wearing a windbreaker indoors is one of the most indefensible things in football.  It is literally perfect weather because there is no weather.  It is 72 with no wind, sun, rain, snow, hail, or anything else that would require a windbreaker.  Schwartz is sporting a crummy sweatshirt but even that is better than a windbreaker.  Silly man.  Love to see the fans, referees, players, and everyone else with shirtsleeves other than McCarthy.

:17: Can Joe Buck sound more disinterested in calling this game or any football game?  We understand you want to watch football, eat, and not do your job but one does not need to be a tool about it.  Another 3 and out for the Packers.  Their commitment to run the ball is astounding given their limited (on a good day) success.  It often appears to be a waste of a down with a minimal gain or minor loss.  Still, Green Bay is a top team on play action passing so it works.

Thus far bend don’t break continues to work for the Packers.  Calvin Johnson did not get looks but his presence is felt with safeties leaning over top also leading to wide open receivers in the middle of the field.

Second Quarter

14:30: The doughy Matthew Stafford runs up the middle for a huge gain.  Lions keep going down the center of the field with tremendous success.  For some reason they stop doing this after they cross the 50.

13:00: Our annual Kevin Smith injury.  Tradition.

11:01: Lions crossed the 50 and netted -9 yards.  Baffling.

7:44: Penalties a huge factor for both teams with the referees calling a tight game.  Jermichael Finley yells a word that rhymes with duck in slow motion.  Whoops!

5:50: Nothing more satisfying that 3rd and 1 with the deep ball.  I am all about going play action on short yardage situations and going for it more often than not on 4th down but running reasonable plays is a must.  0-0 in a tightly contested game of pigskin and yellow flags.

5:33: Stafford pick off a tip.  Stafford developed a side arm tendency since wearing the glove and his past few games have been turn over plagued.

4:51: Seven points off the turnover.

1:07: Trumon Williams interrupted a Stafford to Megatron moment.  He has been on Johnson all game with clear safety help over the top.  Really opens up Woodson to do the things he can do like corner blitz, roam the field to pick balls off, and casually get away with making poor tackles every 8 plays.

Halftime: Packers and Lions get into a chippy fight.  Lions defense getting pressure on Rodgers, interrupting timing and productivity.  Clear disparity in production but penalties stifling both teams and keeping it close.

Third Quarter

11:30: Green Bay is moving the ball down the field at will.  Biggest difference on this drive and the entire first quarter?  Taking advantage of the week  outside cornerbacks and stretching the field on the outer thirds.

9:16: Gamechanger! Lions made a huge stop on third and goal and a mini-fight breaks out.  Suh stomps a Packers player and has been ejected from the contest.  Lions’ demeanor is on edge, taking its lead from its coach.  (Can we just admit how hilarious it was to watch Suh try to explain to his coach that he was just trying to get up?  He stomped the dude on the ground.  No excuse).

14-0 Packers.

6:50: Lions easily move into Packers territory.

5:36: Stafford throws his second interception of the game.  Pattern developing, no?

5:25: Rodgers deep touchdown off…play action to James Jones (65 yards)! Yahtzee!  21-0.

4:51: Woodson just absorbs a pass by Stafford and Fox Sports zooms in on the backup quarterback for some unknown reason.  Joe Buck and Troy Aikman just ignore it.

Fourth Quarter

11:00: Packers lazily allow a dominant drive down the field and a touchdown. 24-8.

0:00: 27- 15 Green Bay.  Packers started slow but played well and the defense did fantastic against a high powered offense.  I did not even break anything in route to the win.  Happy Turkey Day


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