Running Diary of the Thanksgiving Day Game Between the 49ers and the Ravens (11/24/2011)

Posted: November 25, 2011 in Okafor's Corner
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Pregame Show
All the talk about Ray Lewis is overdone. He no longer is playing at an elite level!!…Sigh.
First Quarter

13:05: Two consecutive first down completions to Boldin on inside breaking routes. The color commentator, Mike Mayock, asserts that Boldin is one of the best receivers at working the middle of the field.

4:17: Smith hands the ball of to Ginn for a first down gain to the left. This is the third or fourth unconventional running play run by the 49ers. So far, the plays have been effective.

1:59: The 49ers commit an offside penalty for the second consecutive kickoff. Jim Harbaugh is livid.

1:00: Seemingly, the Ravens’ passing game plan is to attack the middle of the San Fran defense (behind the linebackers and in front of the safeties). The Ravens have attacked that area five times and have completed four passes. All have gone for first downs.

Second Quarter

13:55: Significant play. Smith completes a deep pass to Ted Ginn for a touchdown but the touchdown is negated by a penalty on Frank Gore for a chop block.

6:50: The 49ers fail to convert on another 3rd down. The Ravens defensive line is dominating the the 49ers offensive line. Gore has been unable to find holes to run through (he is consistently hit in the backfield before he has the opportunity to make a move) and Smith has not been given sufficient time to scan the field.

5:58: Another significant play. Flacco throws the ball deep to Torrey Smith and is picked off but the interception is negated by a blatant defensive pass interference (the defensive back held down Smith’s left arm).

2:51: The Ravens fail to convert a redzone opportunity into a touchdown. At one point, they had a first and goal at the one yard line. Two failed runs and a quarterback draw later, they are forced to settle for a field goal. What a remarkable effort by the 49ers’ front-7 to stuff the Ravens. 6-3 Ravens.

00:11: LaDarius Webb intercepts Alex Smith on a deep pass down the sideline to Braylon Edwards when the 49ers were in field goal range. An excellent job by Webb to turn around and find the football. It always infuriates me when cornerbacks fail to turn around and find the ball (inexplicably, most do not bother to turn around).

Third Quarter

7:30: 52 yard field goal. Score is tied at 6-6.

Fourth Quarter

14:56: Flacco throws an eight yard touchdown pass to Dennis Pitta. Flacco completed a pass to seven different receivers and converted on four third down conversions on the 76 yard drive. A very well-executed drive.

13:35: Smith is sacked for the 7th time and is unable to convert another third down. The 49ers are 2-9 on third down so far. Complete and utter domination by the Ravens’ defensive line.

3:10: 39 yard field goal. 16-6 Ravens.

2:59: Suggs sacks Smith to give the Ravens nine sacks on the day. Ties the Ravens’ franchise record for most sacks in one game.

1:15: Ted Ginn drops a first down pass on fourth down. Turnover on downs and effectively seals the game for the Ravens.

Final Score: Ravens, 16 — 49ers, 6.

Recap/Analysis: Few things went right for the 49ers’ offense tonight. From start to finish, the Ravens’ defensive line controlled the line of scrimmage. The D-line consistently penetrated the 49ers’ offensive line and made contact with the 49ers’ running backs in the backfield. Furthermore, the Ravens’ defense easily pressured Smith with a mixture of blitzes and four-man pressures. For the first time in awhile, I felt sorry Alex Smith.

  1. When have you ever felt sorry for Alex Smith before this?

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