Posted: November 27, 2011 in Collaborative Posts

Apparently, there’s this tradition every year called “The Iron Bowl”, which is a football game between Auburn University and Alabama University. I’m from New York City, so I basically did not know that this existed until I saw the ESPN films documentary “Roll Tide/War Eagle”. Within in the first five minutes of the documentary one, Paul Finebaum likened it to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I rolled my eyes, more and more as I watched the documentary, because no offense, I don’t really see the difference between the two cultures. I understand Duke-UNC, Stanford-Cal, even Harvard-Yale, but not this. Those schools have an academic rivalry that comes with their athletic rivalry. When I watched the documentary, if the interviewees didn’t designate what school they were from, I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

I always found older men obsessing with young men playing amateur sports a little strange. (Thank you Jerry Sandusky for confirming my fears) It always seemed as though these out of shape losers with no life obsessing over young men with actual physical gifts and something special. (Thank you Nevin Shapiro for confirming my fears) Clearly I think the misunderstanding comes from living in New York and not having a real college football allegiance. I’ll admit, I’m more interested in once-in-a-lifetime talents like Cam Newton (CAAAAM), Andrew Luck, Reggie Bush and even Jesus Tebow. I watched the documentary so that I could get a better understanding and appreciation for college football’s culture. After 58 minutes of the Auburn-Alabama documentary, I still don’t get it.

I’m quite uncomfortable when people use “we” when referring to football teams. I give a pass when it comes to one’s alma mater, but the Auburn-Alabama junk is making me lean towards rescinding that amendment. The fact that families are not split by politics, religion, but football in Alabama is bothersome, at least for me. Something about that makes me think that you don’t have your priorities straight. In the grand scheme of things are Auburn and Alabama all that different? It reminds me of when my old dog Byss would bark at the mirror and run into it over and over. At some point, as much as I loved watching my silly dog attack himself, I thought it was better to save him from himself. Somewhere along the line, some lacked perspective and helped ruin the possibility of a healthy rivalry. But apparently, like the rest of America, sometimes it takes a disaster to bring the two rivals together.

Also what’s the deal with the dual mascots. Crimson-Tide and an Elephant? Tiger and War Eagle? What species is a War Eagle? Has anyone ever seen one?

I hope some college football fans will rip me a part and enlighten me a bit about these rivalries.

  1. Matt says:

    I support you on the NYC not getting it because if pretty damn dumb but i dont get why you are bothered by sports splitting families in Alabama. It is the definition of a southern state so it is all religious and all republican. Sports is all they have. BC Eagles!

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