Week 12 Picks – Cheeks

Posted: November 27, 2011 in Okafor's Corner
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Week 11 Picks

Arizona Cardinals vs. St. Louis Rams (-2.5) – Sam Bradford should be decidedly better over whoever the Cardinals decide to throw out at quarterback. Give me the Rams and the points.

Buffalo Bills at New York Jets (-9.5) – For the second consecutive year, Rex Ryan is giving the Jets’ backup quarterback, Mark Brunell, some reps in practice late in the season in hopes to motivate Mark Sanchez. Honestly, it is a waste of time because Brunell at his best at this point in his career probably isn’t better than Sanchez at his worst. Anyways, all this talk about the Jets’ offense is irrelevant for this game because similar to the game between these two teams earlier in the season, the Jets’ defense will dominate and will be the primary reason for why the Jets will pull off the victory. Take the Jets and the points.

Cleveland Browns at Cincinnati Bengals (-7.5) – Valiant effort by Dalton and the Bengals in the last two weeks (vs. Steelers and at Ravens). This week will not be nearly as difficult as the Browns are one of the worst teams in the league (that 4-6 record is very deceiving). I expect the Bengals to bounce back and blow out the Browns. Bengals win and I am giving the points.

Houston Texans (-6.5) at Jacksonville Jaguars – Matt Leinart appeared on the Rich Eisen Podcast earlier in the week and tried to defend his decision to pass on competing for a starting job for the Seahawks in the offseason. Amongst other things, he cited how he would have had to learn a new playbook in a short amount of time if he left for Seattle as the reason for why he decided to stay with the Texans. To his credit, he noted that Tavaris Jackson and Charlie Whitehurst would have experienced the same unfavorable situation. To his detriment, pointing that out invalidates his reason. Oh Leinart. Sigh. Well, No Schaub, no worries. Texans win but I am taking the points.

Carolina Panthers (-3.5) at Indianapolis Colts – Many people are predicting that this game will be a blowout. I wonder if they are aware that the Panthers’ defense is ranked 27th in total yards allowed and 31st in points allowed. Plus, the Panthers are playing on the road. Panthers win but I am taking the points.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Tennessee Titans (-3.5) – This was the toughest game for me to predict this week. The Titans are maddeningly inconsistent and the same can be said of the Buccaneers. I’ll go with the Titans simply because they are playing at home but I’ll take the points.

Minnesota Vikings at Atlanta Falcons (-9.5) – Adrian Peterson will not play in this game. That is all that you need to know. Give me the Falcons and the points.

Chicago Bears at Oakland Raiders (-3.5) – I would pick the Bears if Jay Cutler were playing. But he isn’t and despite the fact that Palmer will not have his best offensive weapon and best two receivers (Darren McFadden, Jacoby Ford and Denarius Moore) at his disposal, I still think that the Raiders can and should emerge victorious. Raiders win but I am taking the points.

Washington Redskins at Seattle Seahawks (-3.5) – The Seahawks are quietly sporting a defense that ranks 11th in total yards allowed and more pertinently, 8th in rush yards allowed. That does not portend well for the Redskins, who bases their offense on the run. Sexy Rexy will follow a pretty good performance against Cowboys with a multiple interception game, resulting in a Seahawks win. Take the points though.

New England Patriots at Philadelphia Eagles (-3.5) – The Eagles’ defense finally performed at a high level last week. Was it because they have figured out how to play well together in the new scheme or because the Giants took the Eagles lightly? I honestly do not know but I do know that the Patriots will win and cover.

Denver Broncos at San Diego Chargers (-5.5) – The fighting Tim Tebows versus the Superchargers: A Clash of Teams Going in Entirely Opposite Directions. The Broncos have won three straight and the Chargers have lost five straight. Rumors about the impending end of Turner’s tenure have been swirling. Criticize Turner all you want for the Chargers’ poor season but be aware of this, Rivers has thrown four more interceptions than his previous season-high in only 10 games. More than likely, the Chargers will be leading the division right now if Rivers had played to his standards.  Chargers win and I will give the points.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Kansas City Chiefs (-10.5) – The debate about Tyler Palko or Kyle Orton at the helm will be insignificant. The Steelers’ offense is playing at a high level right now and their defense should be able to shutdown a KC offense that is without two out of three of their most important players (Jamal Charles and Matt Cassel). Steelers win and I’ll give the points.

New York Giants at New Orleans Saints (-7) – Prior to the start of the season, I told Mr. Bunk that the Giants will finish the season at .500 and will not make the playoffs. Midway through the season, I certainly did not think that my prediction would come true. Well well well. The Giants are 6-4 and arguably have the most difficult schedule (Saints, Packers, and two games vs. the Cowboys) down the stretch relative to the other NFC wildcard contenders (Bears, Cowboys, Falcons, and Lions). I just might be right after all. Saints win and I’ll give the points.


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