Baseball’s CBA without Work Stoppage

Posted: November 28, 2011 in ALL II
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There is something more endearing about baseball players and their lack of labor dispute in passing a Collective Bargaining Agreement that fundamentally changes baseball forever.  Among many notable details, HGH testing will be added, a second wild card will be added with both wild card teams playing a one game playoff, changes to the draft that caps buying power of smaller markets, and extended replay!

The one thing that separates the basketball dispute from the baseball lack of dispute is the involvement of the players in the details of the negotiations.  I link this to the long road to getting to the Majors compared to the relatively straight forward path to greatness or failure in basketball.  NBA players play in high school, maybe spend a year or two in college, and enter the pros or disappear.  In baseball, most players go to college and enter the minor leagues where making the pros maybe a multiyear experience without the exploitation of “student-athlete” rules.  Understanding the grind and work incumbent in making it to the Major League matters in ways that the NBA players do not seem to grasp.  Perhaps it is why the MLB features the strongest players Union, most money accumulated in the long term, and by-far the best pension plan in American Professional Sports.

Check out the Major League Baseball proposal here.  Not sure what to make of this but maybe Bud Selig sees an opportunity to sneak into Best Commissioner in American Sports for 2011.

  1. Winner says:

    baseball is a dying sport and the long road that you praise is a big reason why fewer people care about the stars.

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