ALL II’s Week 13 Picks

Posted: December 3, 2011 in ALL II

EAGLES vs. Seahawks (+2.5)

Yeah I picked the Eagles because I did not think Vince Young would be outplayed by Tavaris Jackson.  Clearly I need to stop giving this Eagles team the benefit of the doubt.  And know I do not think Andy Reid should be fired.

FALCONS vs. Texans (+2.5)

Until I see productivity from the Texans quarterback of choice, I cannot pick them.  This should not dismiss the solid play by the Falcons since the poor overtime decision by Mike Smith.  Falcons will be my lock of the week.

TITANS vs. Bills (-1.5)

Bills on a free fall and Chris Johnson finally looks like Chris Johnson, my least favorite fantasy football pick ever.

Chiefs vs. BEARS (-7)

A soft schedule late is the only thing keeping this Bears team afloat through the Caleb Hanie experience.  Quarterback lovers like myself will not like this match up but that does not change the fact that Forte needs to get back on track and this is a good week to make it happen.

BENGALS vs. Steelers (-7.5)

Bengals played them tough early and will do so once again.  Steelers own the advantage at many skill positions but this is a game between very good defenses so it should be close.  Steelers win overall but way too many points on the table.

BRONCOS vs. Vikings (PK)


Colts vs. PATRIOTS (-21)

Brady. No Manning.  Big Line.  Very Appropriate.

RAIDERS vs. Dolphins (-2.5)

Raiders defense played well last week and I like how they looked on offense too.  Carson Palmer and Reggie Bush facing each other.  USC reunion.  Love to see the Dolphins playing hard for Sparano who many “experts” felt would be fired first.

JETS vs. Redskins (+3)

Sanchez had one of the ugliest four touchdown performances I’ve ever seen but he is getting the job done when it counts.  Redskins should’ve never benched Rex Grossman and have played well since his return.  Good passing defense may bring out the bad Grossman.

PANTHERS vs. Buccaneers (-3)

Cam makes his case for rookie of the year and Ron Turner tries to get control of this defense which is leaking points.  Oh and Josh Freeman is not good.

RAVENS (-7) vs. Browns

Love the Ravens defense and getting back to a healthy 60/40 run to pass ratio.  Feel bad for Colt McCoy.

Cowboys vs. CARDINALS (+6.5)

Not very confident in my upset pick here.  Cowboys seem to struggle in these games and their performance against Miami did not help anything. Dallas wins the game but it will closer than it ever needs to be.  If another person tells me that Terrance Newman is a good player I will go off.

PACKERS (-6.5) vs. Giants

Nervous about this game as a Packers fan but I think they can handle Eli Manning having his best season and that ferocious pass rush.

Rams vs. 49ERS (-13.5)

Alex Smith…first round bye.  Love the sound of that!

Lions vs. SAINTS (-6.5)

I could not believe the Lions were on Sunday Night Football.  They will get thrashed by the Saints.

CHARGERS (-3) vs. Jaguars

One team just fired their coach thirteen weeks late and cannot sell out their Monday Night Football contest.  The other team needs to fire its coach (and will do so at the end of the season) and is the definition of underachieving.


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