December 3rd Reax

Posted: December 3, 2011 in ALL II
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Being a graduate student in the middle of finals means less time writing meaningful though longish posts about sports.  Given this atrocity I decided to use a timeless gimmick: the reaction post.  The concept is simple enough: I will give a brief reaction to some articles I read, provide the link, and hope you check it out.

Howard Bryant somewhat crapped all over Tim Tebow in his feature apart of ESPN’s interview issue found here.  Absolutely agree that Tebow-mania is crowding out other solid quarterback performance like Rookie of the Year frontrunner Andy Dalton, conventional wisdom favorite for ROY Cam Newton, Alex Smith, and others.  It’s even propelled John Fox into Coach of the Year nominations – which he does not deserve to win.  If anything, people should appreciate the work done by the defense which he should get credit for.  The revisionist history on my main man Kyle Orton is disgusting.  Remember: 7th, 26th, 25th, 32th.  Those were the Broncos positions in 2010 in passing, rushing, run defense and pass defense.

Rick Reilly penned this ridiculous column regarding the possibility of a rematch in the BCS title game against Number One Louisiana State University and Number Two University of Alabama.  You know…the first and second best teams in the nation.  In a title game.  My frustration is not with the traditional objection of rematches and one loss teams from other viable conferences but with him suggesting he rather watch LSU versus Boise State or Virginia Tech! Boise State needs to play a real schedule before they get my respect for VaTech!?  A school that is 1-26 against top ten opponents in its history.  A team that rolls over at the site of legitimate competition, quietly stubbing its toe to some other subpar ACC team (this year it was Clemson).  They should not be allowed to get an automatic BCS bid let alone get near a discussion for a national title.

Finally, there is a piece written by Yahoo Sport’s Jeff Passan on Albert Pujols’ going to the Cubs being the best thing for baseball.  Passan acknowledges that the sports and their stars are different but it must be stated that Pujols is not a sports star.  He is a baseball star and that does not mean he is a superstar.  What baseball needs is for the Yankees and Red Sox to get pitching, for the Cubs to get better (which they did with Theo Epstein), and to not have a lock out.  SO far they are two for three which is pretty good but I understand that baseball is becoming more like hockey.  Their stars and their games will mean a lot to their fan and casual fans will pass it by.

Finally, here is a brief post on the Bernie Fine scandal and journalistic integrity.  I will leave my opinion to a real journalist on this site but the ethical questions cannot be ignored.

  1. GP975 says:

    That Dr. Pepper halftime competition was so much more entertaining than LSU’s offense in the first half. Ivon SEC

  2. Jude says:

    You and everyone else keep making excuses. What is his problem? He does not throw passes they way you want him to. If other quartebacks win games ugly then people like their intangibles. When Tebow does it people complain. All that matters is wins right?

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