Albert Pujols: Winners and Losers

Posted: December 9, 2011 in Collaborative Posts, Okafor's Corner
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Pujols accepted a 10-year, $254 million deal to play with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim yesterday. Here are my top-3 winners and losers.


1. Albert Pujols

I cannot conceive any reason for why Pujols is not the biggest winner. He is now a quarter-billionaire and upgraded his living residence. Los Angeles is a much more exciting and enjoyable city to live in than St. Louis. Plus, he went from a perennially contending team to another team that will be a perennial playoff contender in the foreseeable future.

2. The National League Central Division (every team except for the Cardinals)

The best player in the game will no longer terrorize the teams for a total of 70+ games each season. What is not to like about that if you are the Reds, Cubs, Pirates, or the Brewers?

3. St. Louis Cardinals

Losing Pujols will certainly leave a tangible impact on the Cardinals. The Cardinals probably will take a step back this season and they no longer will reap the large revenue that the team would have made if Pujols was chasing the all-time home run record in a Cardinals uniform. But, that contract will become a very undesirable, huge burden 5-7 years from. Look at how the money owed to Alfonso Soriano have limited the Cubs ability to make moves. The lack of production at the second-half of the contract will outweigh the production at the beginning of the contract.


1. St. Louis Cardinals’ Fans

There is an affinity that fans develop for the players on the team that they root for. That affinity is even greater and stronger when the player is a superstar, especially a superstar that was an integral part of two championship teams. To not be able to watch that player perform anymore is saddening.

2. Miami Marlins

Reportedly, the Marlins aggressively pursued Pujols. Add him to Jose Reyes and Hanley Ramirez and the Marlins become a bonafide playoff contender and significantly increase excitement and attendance in a city where people attend games only when an exciting product is on the field.

3. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

The Angels lost the least because they acquired a great player that will engender public intrigue and excitement for the team. That means a substantial increase in revenue is in the horizon. I chose to not put them in the winner section because this contract will be considered an albatross several years from now.


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