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Posted: December 9, 2011 in Collaborative Posts
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Kenny Smith

TheJetOnTNT Kenny Smith

Paul won’t resign, would u resign wit a team that took u out championship mix? Other teams won’t trade knwing it will only take best player!
It’s disrespect 2 Gasol for the league to block the trade. Basically saying ” you rode Kobe’s coattail ” not true. Lakers were Wack b4 him
J.A. Adande

jadande J.A. Adande

Can’t believe the simultaneous developments: NBA lockout officially over, Lakers about to have NBA on lockdown
And Chris Paul Hornets jerseys 90% off RT @briancmahoney: Friday a big shopping day for NBA fans -20% discount at NBA Store
The NBA should just save time and pre-emptively void Dwight Howard to the Lakers tonight as well.
Bad all-around move for the NBA, starting with the team it owns. My ESPN column:
Max Kellerman

Max_Kellerman Max Kellerman

Dan Gilbert’s crying again; this time about how unfair it is that the Lakers are a smart, rich team, and his Cavs are a stupid, poor one.
Max_Kellerman Max Kellerman

As part owner of the Hornets, Dan Gilbert is obviously employing his trusty “get nothing for ’em” strategy.

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