More Sports and Politics and Subtle Idiocy

Posted: December 16, 2011 in Just Throwing This Out There

Everyone knows that Tim Tebow is a polarizing figure.  Some, particularly bitter NFL players who do not pay child support, think he is a great running back while others have been converted by his mystical picking apart of prevent defenses and picking up the pieces of other player’s mental blunders.  His religion, however, is a lightning rod for people who believed it is being disrespected or thrown in everyone’s face like a really athletic televangelist.  But this may be over the top.   Students at Riverhead High School began Tebowing in the school’s hallway resulting in four students being suspended for one day each.  The reason?  Tebowing may cause “a dangerous situation.”  Silly students and their fun and games.

Check out the full story here via Yahoo! Sport’s Prep Rally: N.Y. teens suspended for Tebowing in schools hallway.


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