National Championship Picks by The Three Man Weave

Posted: January 9, 2012 in Collaborative Posts

Allen –

Maybe too many people fell asleep during LSU-Alabama, a reminder that defense is still important and can indeed take over games not played in monsoons or blizzards, because no one discusses the multitude of uncapitalized scoring chances by Alabama thanks to special teams woes.  Four attempted field goals failed to cross the uprights (three during regulation) kept the game tight and gave LSU field position which they did nothing with.  It is ridiculous to think people feel sorry for Boise State because of their kicker but do not use the same logic for Alabama.  Hell, I am sorry anyone had to watch any ACC team during BCS season but I digress.  These teams are even, Alabama still has the better quarterback, and I do not expect Bama to miss four field goals again. 
Alabama 20 – Louisiana State 14.
Bunk – LSU by double digits
Chika – Tim Tebow.

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