A College Basketball Post That No One Cares About…Because It Is Regular Season College Basketball

Posted: January 19, 2012 in ALL II
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No one at this blog wrote about the NFL Divisional round which does not really bother me.  I suppose I am frustrated that the brilliance of Alex Smith, a guy everyone doubted accept me, is being underappreciated since Vernon Davis’ tears make him a hero.  I also do appreciate the end of Tebow-mania and the insistence that he played hurt only adding to his aura and/or brainwashing ridiculous Denver fans into believing in him.  Oh and the Editor-in-Chief’s Giants soundly defeated my mistake laden Green Bay Packers resulting in an unfortunate photo of me in a prematurely bought Super Bowl Champions hoodie from 2008 and a huge foam finger.  I hate him.  I hate the G-Men.  I hate non-Packers paraphernalia.  My grip is not with this today.

While watching football, I met someone who believed college basketball was better than the NBA which strikes me as foolish, contrarian, and/or incredibly illuminating to a world that I could not imagine understanding.  For all those who care, the college basketball season recently reached its halfway point punctuated by a Seth Davis Midseason Awards column and a collective yawn.  The big question, for me and for countless other sports fans, is when can we get to tourney time.  This is the biggest issue with the little brother of popular collegiate sports: the regular season is absolutely meaningless, unimaginative, and worst off boring.  While the BCS is loaded with flaws, the excitement of the regular season keeps fans interested while the post season attempts to ensure some good games by putting equally talented (or equal performers) against each other.  College basketball, conversely, does not ensure those match ups.  Most match ups really suck.  Where are the big games that consistently bring in casual fans?  When you need to play a game on an aircraft carrier – though cool- that tells me all that I need to know: the regular season is a sideshow circus.  Hell, the regular season is further upstaged by conference tournaments!  Who gets the conference banner between the winner of the single elimination conference tournament or the best team over the regular season!?  At least we can get good match-ups in these tournaments but those happen towards the end.  Also, who cares if 68 teams get in the ultimate tournament?  We generally know the top seeds and know that only ten schools really have shots to win it all.  We know there will be some Cinderella and that the dance will end in a thud for said team.  Shooting is more iffy, teams more mismatched, and free throw shooting as bad as the Miami Heat in crunch time represent but a few issues with this thing that should be better than the NBA.

While some people can suggest that the NBA regular season is too long and meaningless I push back by saying that seeding matters and on a nightly basis good teams compete against each other.  Part of the reason is that there are only 30 teams (roughly four too many in my opinion) rather than 300+.  Not my issue.  The athletes, usually, are more developed and the play is balanced sans the bottom 10 teams in the Eastern Conference compared to the West.  If the BCS is what the extreme looks like for regular season excitement and fun then College Basketball is the opposite extreme.  Both are not good.

So Syracuse is undefeated.  Great.  No one cares because it means nothing until one loss means the end of the season (re: Packers of Green Bay).  Until the Calendar changes to March, maybe earlier for conference tournaments, college basketball and its greatness will be contained as a secondary entity in our sports minds.  Want a solution that gives me something better than Virginia Commonwealth and Butler in the final four?  (Aside: Is there a more absurd system biased against the consistent best team for awarding a championship than the single elimination mega tournament?  Regular season body of work useless.  UConn, winner of the 2011 Big East Tournament on their way to the National Title was the 9th ranked team in their conference.  To be fair, the tournament does weight seeding for higher seeds which is nice but still what is the point if the regular season gets you nothing.  Recall: Only once have all four #1 seeds reached the final four and only six times have two #1 seeds reached the final four.)  Cut most of these lesser schools and teams out.  16 team tourney, best of three all the way through.  Gives me an element of fairness, more games between good schools, and fun for all.  Or double elimination, round robin.  Either way is better for me.

Alas, no one cares what I think which is fine by my standards and perhaps good for some in society.  What cannot be argued is that the regular season is deficient in many substantive performance and entertainment levels compared to the NBA.  56 days to March Madness and counting….


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