Chika’s Tweets – Bulls vs. Heat 1-29-2011

Posted: January 30, 2012 in Okafor's Corner

“Really lookin forward to #Bulls vs. #Heat. Regardless of the outcome, I will still think tht the Heat r better than the Bulls. #NBA ”

“The #Bulls hve improved w/ addition of Rip but the #Heat hve also gotten better w/ the addition of Battier & Norris Cole. #NBA

“A lack of a big man that is good at pick&poppin AND pick&rollin is killin the Bulls rt now. Boozer no longer is good at pick&rollin. #NBA

“The #Bulls need to stop playing one on one ball. Leave that to the#Heat#NBA

“Rose has been bailed out by some pretty poor calls today. #NBA

“Phenomenal shots by #DRose but damn son! Pass the ball to the open man. Those tough shots do not consistently go in.#Korverisopen

“It looked to me like LeBron travelled bfor he made tht hook shot.#NBA

“This game feels like the ECFinals all over again. Bulls struggle to score in 4th when LeBron is put on DRose. #NBA

“C’mon Rip. Keep DWade away from the paint! Back off if you have too! Sigh #NBA

“Unbelievable. It is time to start treatin DRose the same way tht we treat LeBron when it comes to free throw makin in the 4th quarter.#NBA

“Thibs should be yelling at Rip for not boxing out DWade. And DWade was def in bounds. #NBA

“Has lost all faith in DRose’s ability to take down the Heat by himself. 2 critical missed FTs & 11-28 fg. He needs help!! #Bulls #Heat #NBA



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