Live Blog Super Bowl XLVI: Manning, Eli Making Nicki Minaj Proud!

Posted: February 5, 2012 in ALL II
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Halftime: Great performance by Madonna.  I really loved the stage.  Don’t need all the extra mess; just get a cool stage and fantastic backup dancers.  This just saved Super Bowl halftime shows for the next few years from the elder men of yesteryear.

14:48: OCHOCINCO! Feed him the rock.  Love the professionalism commentary that follows him.

12:20: Patriots commitment to the run is beginning to work well against the powerful pass rush.

11:20: Aaron Hernandez TD and more importantly Hernandez just went off in the celebration.  I always loved Hernandez over Gronk for his pass blocking ability and his unlimited catching potential.  Editor-In-Chief may have punched a Pats fan.

8:07: The quarterback play in this game is at an incredibly high level.  Another Manning, Eli first down!

7:16: Pats really laying on the heat.  Like the 49ers.  Big hits and tackles buoying the bend-don’t-break defense.

*Fiat Commercial with the girl is absolutely fantastic.  Captivating, sex appeal, neat car! Winner 2012 Super Bowl commercial competition*

6:24: Law firm leveled and JPP down!  (Helluva set up.  Sounds like the politics of a bank bailout)

5:57: Statue of Brady not elusive enough on the pass rush.  It’s incredible that he hardly moves after the initial dropback.

4:30: Nicks’ sure hands led to a fumble where time stopped until the Giants recovered.  Very unnerving except for the Hoodie who looks like it’s a pre-season game.

1:08: Giants look flat and have looked flat all quarter.  Also, way too many in the booth shots this game.  I do not want to see Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth.  Let’s do better.


14:17: Statue Brady with an incredible scramble and a horrific throw down the field resulting in a INT.  This is two straight games with egregious deep balls.  This team does not have a deep threat sans the oft criticized Ochocinco.  Ehhh

13:58: Bradshaw FUMBLE and recovered by the Giants.  Quite fortunate thus far.


9:35: Mario Manningham draws the ire of Collinsworth – rightfully so- by giving Manning, Eli no room to throw the ball.  It’s a classic Manningham from his Michigan days.  (Jake Ballard and his sprained knee cannot run because he has a sprained knee)

9:31: I liked the defense on the controversial no call.  That drive cost the Giants two timeouts for the master of clock management Tom Coughlin.

7:14: Brady throws a block on a reverse.  Block used broadly to describe Statue collapsing in front of a player.

5:50: Game has a tense feel.  17-15 score does that but the game has been stuck at midfield by both teams in this quarter.

5:14: Brady first down to Hernandez.  Glad he is getting his time in the spot light!

4:00: Welker! Drop! Game changer? Just brutal.  Shocking.  Too wide open.

3:46: Deion Branch and Statue cannot connect.  Punt! Manning, Eli with one time out under four minutes….

3:39: Manningham atones for his failure with an amazing catch.  Amusing aspect of catch: everyone on the Pats sideline gesturing and moving while Hoodie steps back, arms crossed, and looking unimpressed.

2:00: Red zone!  The missed opportunities by Pats come down to this.  Question of the week: Was Welker’s drop a choke?

1:35: Question two: do you let the Giants score this late?

1:06: Giants control all elements of the game.  Unreal what this does to the Hoodie/Statute.

:57: Patriots left with one time out.  Jacobs was left to score but opted not to stop at the one.  Football IQ in the big game.  21-17 Giants!

:57: Brady prefers to be down with the ball than up and on the bench.  GAME ON!

:52: Deion Branch dropped the ball.  Brady is beaming it in there.

:48: Aaron Hernandez dropped.  Clutch ratings as a team dropping every second.

:36: Brady sack.  Couldn’t avoid the pressure because the blocking was poor.  Stunning!


:09: Deep ball incomplete.  Too many men on field.  Hail Mary time!

:05: Pressure is getting to Brady.  Can’t develop the deep ball.  LAST PLAY!

Giants Win! 21-17.  Super Bowl Champs! Gronk came so close to getting the tipped ball.  The rhetoric of Manning in the head of Brady and Hoodie is alive and well.  Shocking!

Congrats to Clarke, Coughlin, and that’s about it!


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