Carmelo Anthony Superstar?: HELL YES!

Posted: February 14, 2012 in ALL II
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Blowback (n): not just the unintended consequences of foreign operations, rather the unintended consequences of foreign operations that were deliberately kept secret from the American public who cannot put action into context.  Blowback is a CIA term but is equally applicable to the Asian-American sensation Jeremy Lin.  The recipient of blowback is, of course, Carmelo Kiyan Anthony.  Lin’s recent success sparked absurd concern that Melo wouldn’t fit well in the point guard led system.  Some people foolishly suggested that Melo is not a playmaker! Not a superstar!  A worse playmaker than Gilbert Arenas!  In classic New York City fashion immediate success prevents perspective and here we are today.  Is Carmelo Anthony a superstar?  Sure, I will waste my time arguing the obvious.

Carmelo Anthony is absolutely disrespected and underrated.  A few words in support of the superstar thesis require me to address the term superstar.  At the very least, a superstar is someone who is offensively superior, carries his team during down years, and is a centerpiece to build a team around. (To be fair, superstar is also a term referring to public recognition of a player which Carmelo also enjoyed throughout his career)  Defensively they do not need to be Bruce Bowen.  They also do not need to be bailed out by being called a “great team defender” because they play alongside two huge seven footers (re: Kobe Bryant).  Carmelo Anthony is NOT a defensive liability like teammate Amare Stoudemire.  He is an adequate defender and the best pure scorer in the league.  Let me repeat that Kevin Durant fans: BEST PURE SCORER IN THE LEAGUE.

If you take the time to look at Melo versus Durant 2010-11 per 36 min statistics (the same stats used by Sports Illustrated’s Point Forward list of the top 100 NBA players showing Melo 20th behind Amare, Paul Pierce, and others) you will see an interesting finding.  Melo shot the same percentage, scored about the same number of points, had more rebounds, same assists.  Don’t mind the fact that they had no point guard.  Don’t mind the fact that Melo has never had a point guard.  Melo literally carried the 2011 Knicks in the playoffs and kept those games close.  Haters will point out that they didn’t win a game.  I will point out that there would be no playoffs against Beantown without him.  Please let me know what great teammates he had to make deep runs in the playoffs in the deep Western Conference: Nene, J.R Smith, Marcus Camby, Chucky Atkins, Birdman Andersen, over the hill Allen Iverson?  Do better.

To suggest that Pau Gasol is better than Melo is offensive and raises major questions about analytical credibility.  Forget that Melo is among the top three in clutch scoring.  Forget that he has been forced to do everything (top five player in usage!).  Averaging 25ppg on 46% shooting and not being a BAD defender = superstar.  Being traded for four players, two good draft picks (Golden State 2012 and 2013 second round pick), and $3 million = superstar.  It is incredible how quickly people forget or dismiss one’s career accomplishments ESPECIALLY when surrounded by anchors keeping him down.

This conversation is totally ludicrous and I probably did not do my best work in making it because it is senseless to be having it in the first place.  Melo is the definition of a superstar in his performance on both sides of the court.  Pardon my stretch but Melo- the forward- reminds me of two people: Dominique Wilkins and former Nugget Alex English.  These forwards got hammered with the defensive criticism.  Incredibly gifted scorer, “not bringing down boards like a forward should,” doesn’t go deep in the play offs.  What is true is that Melo is an average defender and in the NBA (for superstars) you do not need to be more than average.

Melo is a superstar.  Chika disagrees.  What do you think!?

*Full disclosure: My favorite player in the 2003 draft was/is Carmelo Anthony.*


Editor’s Note: Here are the comments that followed Mr. Linton’s article.  Carmelo Superstar


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