Post- Fight Brawl

Posted: February 19, 2012 in Bunker

Boxing as a sport is dying, but that doesn’t mean that press conference brawls and confrontations have to stop. There have been some classic post-fight brawls, Larry Holmes vs. Trevor Berbick (which the only thing missing from this to turn it into a full fledge amateur professional wrestling skit was someone screaming E-C-W in the background) and Tyson vs. Lewis ( more famous for Tyson’s “rant” afterwards) to name a few.

Saturday night, Vladimir Klitschko made easy work of Dereck Chisora, who thought it was a good idea to slap the heavyweight champion during their pre-fight press conference. During the post-fight press conference, however, David Haye (who was also bludgeoned by Klitschko) showed to heckle the beaten Chisora. After a bunch of yelling back and forth, Chisora confronted Haye and a “fight” ensued. Tripods were thrown, glasses were broken and innocent bystanders trampled as Klitschko looked on amused, concerned and confused.

– Bunk


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