Posted: February 29, 2012 in Just Throwing This Out There

The Knicks get back onto the Court after 6 days off due to All-Star Break. Linsanity has been an amazing story for New Yorkers, Harvard, the NBA and Asian Americans.

It’s also been a launching pad for racial insensitivity towards Asian-Americans. It is as though the media did not know Asian Americans existed and used Jeremy Lin story as an experiment on how far they can push the puns and commentary on Lin’s nationality. Below I will try to take you through the insensitive journey that has been Linsanity.

Age Old Question: Is it racist if an Asian made the sign?

Courtesy of Jason Whitlock’s Twitter Account

Courtesy of MSG

Courtesy of Floyd Mayweather’s Twitter:

My Hometown Paper: The New York Post

The World Wide Leader in Sports: ESPN

But… I have an Asian Wife Defense

Ben and Jerry’s

Updated as of 2-29-2012 – I’m sure there will be more in the future


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