I Approve of Brandon Marshall Trade Despite Reasons for the Contrary

Posted: March 14, 2012 in Okafor's Corner
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The trade acquisition of Brandon Marshall from the Miami Dolphins brought a lot of joy and excitement to Bears’ players, fans, and to me. The Bears acquired Marshall for one third round pick in 2012 and another in 2013 even though he is big, physical, tough, has good football intelligence, good hands, is unquestionably a top-10 receiver, and is only 27 years old. Marshall greatly enhances the Bears’ receiver group and his presence allows the other receivers to play roles that better fits their skill levels. Earl Bennett, Johnny Knox, and Devin Hester will be bumped down a peg. They now will become the #2, #3, and #4 receivers respectively and consequently, they should produce at a more consistent rate. Also important is that Jay Cutler is enamored with Marshall.

I was giddy, elated, and euphoric—or any word that denotes a positive mood—when I first heard of the trade. The move was so surprising and hard to believe that a friend called me confirm that the reports are true. In the minds of many, the Bears completely fleeced the Dolphins. The Dolphins acquired Marshall from the Denver Broncos two years ago for two second round draft picks yet they traded him away for only two third round picks despite the fact that Marshall is still an elite receiver.

That prompted the question: Why were the Dolphins willing to trade a highly valuable player for something far below his worth?

Jeff Darlington, current NFL Network reporter and former Dolphins beat writer, reported on his Twitter account that the “Dolphins believe getting rid of Marshall will allow new coach to put his program into place without issues or distractions,” per his sources. The “issues or distractions” refer to the several legal troubles that have plagued Marshall since his days at the University of Central Florida. He has been arrested seven times and has had several more bouts with the law. Other NFL pundits speculated that Peyton Manning might have indicated to the Dolphins that he has no desire to sign with the Dolphins if Marshall is still apart of the team.

Whatever the reason was, I was well aware that Marshall came with plenty of baggage and was still comfortable with the acquisition simply because he had conducted himself as a civil citizen since the time that he was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder last summer. Some of his misconducts are the result of suffering from the disorder and I was confident that Marshall could stay away from trouble as long as he continued to work towards quelling the disorder.

But the recent altercation involving Marshall at a nightclub during which he allegedly punched a woman has certainly shaken my confidence. Nevertheless, I still approve of the trade despite all the signs that say that I should condemn the move because Marshall provides the Bears with a much-needed, legitimate #1 receiver.




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