Multiple Brackets Are The Smart Play (When Done Within Reason)

Posted: March 17, 2012 in ALL II
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Some suggest I am a contrarian (false) while others think I am a glutton for pain (Mariners Baseball…so true), but I just tell it like it is.  Today, I defend the use of multiple brackets during the NCAA Tournament.  Practicing what I preach, I did indeed fill out three different brackets for a total of five different pools – something I thought makes a ton of sense.  Feigning loyalty and integrity in a quest for bragging rights and straight cash means playing to win the game.

The case against multiple brackets is incredibly strong and quite demeaning to people who do it.  Using multiple brackets screams “Buzzkill.”  You care far too much about being right so you come up with ridiculous scenarios in case all hell breaks loose like two #15 seeds winning in the “second round.”  People just want to have fun enjoying the tournament and those who actually like the sport can engage in meaningless conversation about Final Four selections.  In a stark turn, the “one bracket, all fun” group also merges with the integrity crowd.  These people find multiple brackets disingenuous because it runs counter to honesty in rooting for one team to win it all.  If you have five brackets then you need not root as hard because, conceivably, all the options are covered.  Winner takes all.

These criticisms, for the most part, seem very fair.  If a person is willing to invest $20 into every bracket to make a $40 profit, then more power to you.  This multibracketing is something I do not support.  I DO NOT SUPPORT MULTIPLE BRACKETS IN THE SAME POOL.  What I have no problem with is multiple brackets for different pools.  The reason is simple: YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME.  Like Coach Herm, this whole conversation bothers me too.  I am putting up money and want a return on my investment.  The people in the pool naturally matter to my success.  Playing against people who know their college basketball means being more careful and choosing different early games to distinguish similar brackets.  Conversely, the willy-nilly pool can use more creativity but locking up the final seeds because people will put Duke in the title game because its Duke or they like Blue Devils or the color blue.  Point is that strategic bracketing can set you from outside looking in to making the money to possibly winning the entire tournament.  I do not have money to blow nor do I enjoy rooting for others to take my money.  A serious person would consider the competition and adjust accordingly.  It just makes sense.

Summary: Multiple brackets in one pool = pitiful.  Multiple brackets throughout multiple pools – smart play for the cash.  Haters: you may now begin hating.


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