This Week In Failed Attempts To Avoid Fan Hatred: Golden State Warriors

Posted: March 23, 2012 in ALL II
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Better late than never: no phase describes our fearless Editor-In-Chief better.  I could not finish my Chris Mullin jersey retirement analysis because the video quality on the internet was sour.  Finally I got a quality clip for one of the best moments of sports fan interaction in recent memory.  Before the breakdown, some points need to be highlighted before going forward.  The media response to fans being “disrespectful” to ownership is preposterous.  You own the franchise and I spent money to watch this team muddle around so yes I will be unhappy.  It didn’t help that Monta Ellis’ departure for the oft injured Andrew Bogut symbolized another rebuilding year – something Golden State is all too familiar with.  Booing new ownership should not be disparaged because fans rarely get to interact with the bankroll – especially one that is a little cheaper than the talk of Los Angeles.  Second, Rick Berry needs to do better.  Finally, Golden State does NOT have the best fans in the world.  Yes, they represent loyalty and passion but coming to basketball games does not make good fans.  It makes suckers.  If you continue to poor your money out to see a fledging failure, giving them no incentive to get better they will not get better.  It’s the ol’ Cubs system taken from Rounders: “If you can’t spot the sucker in the first half hour, you are the sucker.  Platitudes aside Golden State Fans are not number one despite their insistence to the contrary.  And now, Chris Mullin’s big night!


0:13: “Now that we got that over with…” referred to fans booing him when being introduced.  Suffice to say that this smug remark gave fans the green light to tear right into him.  You cannot think that people will get all the boos out the way and sit back and relax.

0:18: Card check.  You can’t remember that your organization is focused on *card check* History and Respect!?  Boo him more.  Memorize the darn speech.  Make it up.  Don’t card check.  Looks like the NBA All-Star game.  Only worse.

0:26: He knows this will be bad!

0:40: Is this the first time he saw this card or found out he would be making this speech?

1:15: Fans booing Mullin’s “change inevitable” appeal.  This helps the case of Warriors fans being great – they really do hate this new ownership team.

1:40: Rick Berry pops out of his chair like he saw Ricky Sobers (look it up if you don’t get the reference).  He is ready to take on the world and no one cares.

1:54: This turns into an old school WWF Attitude era event.  Berry sounds like a Vince McMahon stooge – most likely Pat Patterson.

1:56: BEST PART! Look at the black guy closest to the last framed jersey.  He starts clapping and signaling everyone in the VIP area to stand and clap too.  Is this a wrestling promo or what?  This has to be Jonathan Coachman-esque.  Hilarious.

2:00: The VIP section is up and spends the next eight seconds adjusting jackets and belts.  Love it!

2:15: Grandpa Berry whining about the multimillionaire spending his money on the fans and some other stuff but everyone has tuned him out because he is whining up a storm.


After dealing with all of that, maybe Golden State does have the best fans in the NBA!  No, probably not but they can spot B.S. from a mile away.


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