Champion – Stephon Marbury

Posted: April 2, 2012 in Just Throwing This Out There

Stephon Marbury is a champion.

You will have to recognize Stephon Marbury as the leader of a championship team.

The Knicks suffered for 10 years, mostly as a result of Stephon Marbury’s inept play and his general psychosis. Which included eating vaseline, having meltdowns whilst video blogging and making skits about his critics. Marbury became a pariah in NBA circles and after playing sparingly in Boston, received no more offers to play in the Association.

He moved overseas, where he became the number one scorer on a championship team. Again, I repeat Stephon Marbury was the leading scorer on a championship team. That hurts anyone who loves basketball.

I will never forgive Stephon for his tenure with the Knicks, but as a result of his horrendous play, I did receive quite a bit from Stephen A. Smith tearing him to shreds on numerous occassions.

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