What In The Hell Is Going On With The…Orlando Magic

Posted: April 8, 2012 in ALL II
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The Orlando Magic will need to pull off a huge trick to ease the tensions boiling within surrounding top five head coach Stan Van Gundy, two faced Dwight Howard, and the incompetent organization divided around each individual.  Thursday featured the awkward press conference above where Van Gundy opted to cut B.S. admitting his knowledge that Howard wanted him traded.  It is not clear why he decided to confess this solid information but he did.  I actually don’t have as much of a problem with it because he shouldn’t be caring that kind of burden although airing it out does the exact opposite of defusing a story.  Media members feel more empowered to keep the story going and off the basketball – which has also gone straight into the tank with a free-fall through the eastern conference.

Stan Van Gundy will land on his feet but it is clear the organization is split throughout from ownership to players.  Obviously someone likes Van Gundy because they told him about Howard’s request while still employed, a huge no-no for office culture and generally a decision absent of common sense.  Yahoo! Sport’s Adrian Wojnarowski had quotes from at least two players (Hidayet Turkgulo and Jameer Nelson) supporting the coach and two players anonymously speak out against Howard.  Disarray is common place in Orlando, similar to the drama that comes from Hollywood supposedly an ideal location for the Magic Superstar.  If Howard did stay after appeased by ownership, how could he trust people in the future?  How are players currently reacting to his wishes to improve the talent – a latent slap in the face of the current roster?  All a mess.

Please let’s not forget about the crackerjack job GM Otis Smith is doing with this squad.  Beyond exhibiting utter incompetence with basketball decisions and albatross contracts to underperforming stars, Smith appears to have no control or say in the Magic’s basketball decisions. On whether or not Howard asked Smith about firing Coach Van Gundy: “He never asked me; I didn’t have that knowledge.”  It should not be dismissed that all major sports outlets reported Howard given the privilege to determine the outcomes of Van Gundy and Smith if he signed an extension.  He signed that extension.  Van Gundy is now claiming he heard Howard asked for him out.  Otis Smith may be wise in keeping his mouth shut and keep steering the puppet government.  Oops!

It is unclear what is happening but the consequences are crystal.  Someone is lying both internally and externally about firing Van Gundy.  The team and the organization seem to support Van Gundy and Howard but it is unclear how much or the balance (I suspect it is in Van Gundy’s favor for players and more towards Howard among ownership).  Whoever stays probably cannot trust the higher ups given the mess on display thus far.  Otis Smith will be the person least likely to land a good job if he decides to leave or is conveniently let go as Howard inks another deal in Orlando.  Ultimately this seems to be interfering with what people get paid for in the NBA: positive on-court production.  Heads will roll but confidence and trust in the Orlando Magic left a long time ago.  Apparently Hollywood can go anywhere and do anything but at least Howard has his spotlight.  Time to shine!


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