NBA – David Stern Conspiracies

Posted: June 5, 2012 in Bunker

1. Knicks get the #1 Pick – 1985
I will start off by saying “thank you”, without this I would not be a Knick fan throughout the nineties despite growing up in New York. David Stern implemented a draft lottery in order to offset the accusations of the Houston Rockets tanking in 1984 to get Akeem Olajuwon. The Knicks didn’t have much of a shot to get the #1 pick and with the popularity of the Big East in New York City Ewing would have been a great fit in town. How could Stern get one of the projected all-time greats to the biggest media market yet struggling franchise? Look out below.


2. Jordan’s Retirement [Suspension for Gambling]
This is one of those I have just recently come across to be honest. Rumor has it after finding out that Jordan had run up gambling debts and went so far as to gamble on games during the 1993 playoffs, Stern had enough. He did not want his game stained by the best player being a gambling junkie. The league couldn’t take a hit like that. Instead of suspending him, he brought Jordan into a dark room and kindly asked him to disappear for a while.

Here are the two ways to look at it

3. Kings-Lakers 2002
Nobody was going to watch Sacramento vs. New Jersey in the NBA finals. This would have been a ratings disaster for the NBA. The Lakers weren’t helping Stern, going down 3-2 in the series. Stern enlisted the help of the refs in Game 6 and Game 7. Most notably Tim Donaghy to help tilt the game into the Lakers favor.


Things like that lead people the make other videos like this:


4. Chris Paul goes to the LA Lakers Clippers for “Basketball Reasons”
In a matter of 4 hours, the Lakers went from title contenders to confused and heartbroken. Stern, who essentially owned the New Orleans Hornets, vetoed the trade. Dan Gilbert and other “small market” owners cried poverty and unfairness to get the trade nixed. A few weeks later, Chris Paul landed in LA, except time it was to play for that other team in the Staples Center.

5. New Orleans gets the #1 pick.
Tom Benson buys the New Orleans Hornets a few weeks before the lottery. Tom Benson gets the #1 pick and the rights to draft the Millennium version of Patrick Ewing in ’85. Conspiracy?


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