Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat: Game Seven, Fourth Quarter Diary

Posted: June 9, 2012 in ALL II
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Simmons-esque running diary!  73-73 going into the fourth quarter.  Game seven of the Eastern Conference Finals.

12:00: I am just elated by how well Chris Bosh has played.  Showing his relevance with 11pts on 5-7 shooting.  Chalmers should be traded the second the Heat lose their next series.  Wade is horrific.  And Doris Burke just asked Spo one question that could not be more useless before starting.  Big time.

11:31: Lebron James has been amazing but Rajon Rondo has also been sick.  16pts, 8Reb, 12Ast.  Walking triple double.

11:05: Bosh with another three.  Just had a party in my pants!  Ostrich on the loose!

10:31: Not to be a homer, but Jeff Van Gundy is an amazing commentator because he sees and articulates what we cannot.  Fantastic explanation of Boston taking advantage of the switch by getting Garnett on someone other than Haslem and Haslem not helping.

9:35: Wade. Double teamed.  Miss.  Shocked. Not at all.

9:07: James is just far to strong when driving to the rim.  He can get to the rim at any point, which begs the question why he doesn’t when his shot is not falling.  Also, Pierce playing iffy with foul trouble raises odd questions on why is fouling so much.  This year was his lowest foul rate (around 2.5 per game).  He has fouled out multiple games.  That’s what James does – makes you foul.

8:46: Ray Allen three leads to a 82-81 Celtics lead.  Really came on strong as the series progressed.  Every shot he puts up I think is going in.  Just too good and that elbow is always positioned in the same place.

8:26: Still in timeout.  Not feeling good.  I may have put $50 on the Heat and does (possibly) gambling lead to far more excitement when watching two teams that are not your favorites.  Not feeling good about this.  Gotta close out on Rondo.  Proven that he has improved the jump shot (which really makes him truly special).

7:55: Lebron James has zero assists tonight.  Just dunked.  He better not give it up to Mike Miller. (James: 25, 10, 0. GOOD)


6:53: James with the left hand.  88-83.  Heat.  Garnett being stretched out because he has to defend Bosh.  It opens up the lane for James or Wade to go careening into the rim.  That’s the value of the Bosh.

6:24: Usually this is when Paul Piece steps up to stop the bleeding.  If this 2012 Playoffs is about transition, then we are seeing it here with other players stepping up.  Bass jumper.  Bang. 88-84.

5:42: King for three deep.  Oh yes.  Allen miss, King rebound.  Heat check and Rondo hustle play.  91-86.

4:30: Rondo triple-double.  Lebron James another 30 point night.  Rondo is carrying this Celtics team late.  It is his team.  It should be and can be built around him.  Stupid to consider trading him.

3:49: Bosh cannot be stopped.  19pts. Major rebounds!  Goodness Wade is reduced to third fiddle!

3:23: Wade hits a runner.  Good job third wheel.  Let me echo my earlier point.  Rondo is the alpha dog on this team.  Pierce is totally secondary.

2:53: Wade dribbling around like a fool and bailed out by a traditional crazy Wade shot.  Saved himself from incredible scrutiny.  Man he makes life unnecessarily difficult.

2:49: Rondo is so smart.  Not picking the ball up to save time is basic basketball IQ.  Allen with a wild three.  Desperation mode.

1:58: Wade has been dominating the ball over the past minute for the Heat.  This certainly helps his image as the closer/savior of the Heat.  Dribbling around and making things happen late in the shot clock.  It is not a good look.  Reminds me of Westbrook/Durant as the better player is not usually controlling the game late.

1:30: Rondo forced to shoot a late three.  Missed.  Don’t know the last time Pierce took a shot this quarter….

1:23: 99-86 Miami.  Pierce has not taken a shot since the 9:32 mark in the 4th – a layup he made!  Cannot figure out how this happened.

1:10: Pierce with a deep three – missed.  Of course Bosh got the rebound.  Game is a rap.

:39.6: Rondo drilled a late three.  We are reviewing if it was a two or a three.  NBA has a weird review system.  That huge HP monitor that the refs pick up and watch some magical replays seems so amateur.  Do it like they do in hockey.  Have some people in league offices in New York watch the game at the same time and quickly call them and check.

:28.3: Celtics Big Three are taken out and the Miami fans cheer respectfully.  That seems nice from the biggest front running fans in sports.  Never would’ve guessed they would cheer so much for the “original” Big Three.

Game Over: 101-88.  We will get no awkward handshake line between the two teams (or at least between Rondo, Garnett, and some others).  I remember when Lebron walked off the court early and the world exploded in anger.  I am sure we won’t get the same reaction because Rondo walked off.  Nonetheless, the Heat reach the finals for the second time in the Big Three era.  Thus far the experiment has succeeded.  The Heat were painfully close to winning the title before (happily) losing to my Mavericks.  Still, this team came to play last year and played amazingly.  When healthy, this Heat team can and should win the East every single year.  2-for-2 thus far.  The Heat needed to be blown up.  Coach Spo could not get the job done and needed to be fired.  Bosh? Trade him.  James?  Not good enough despite putting up one of the most impressive seven game performances ever – as usual.  Clutch?  Game six.  Can’t close? Game seven.  No team faced this level of scrutiny and criticism and doubt after a single loss in NBA history.  No team.  Period.  When healthy, this team is a formidable threat worthy of many accolades.  Winning a title requires even more.  You know, the thing we keep asking of this Heat team because, well they said multiple titles is the goal.  For many, the winner will determine the best player in the league title.  That is not up for debate.  What does need to be addressed (or atoned for) was the poor play by Lebron last season, the arrogance when the team is up big, and their inability to close games out.  We will learn a lot about the future of the league as two potential dynasties stare each other in the eye.  Oklahoma City Thunder to host the Miami Heat.  Game on!





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