What Lockout?

Posted: July 9, 2012 in Bunker

It’s been two years since “The Decision” that brought LeBron James from beloved hometown hero to sports biggest villain. It was the beginning of the idea of “Big Threes” and “Super Teams” which led the owners to lock out the players. Indefensible and fruitless guaranteed contracts like Joe Johnson and Rashard Lewis had hamstrung owners during a recession that netted some painful losses for these billionaires.

There was a contentious lockout that pitted small market owners vs. James Dolan, Jerry Buss, Mark Cuban and other larger market owners. The CBA incorporated a harder salary cap that would be very punitive to those big spending big market teams. It was supposed to level the playing field. The heatle trios wouldn’t work anymore. Dan Gilbert would have just as good a shot as any other owner from a bigger market, because you couldn’t stack teams in one city anymore. And the free agency 2012 happened and we’re right back where we were prior to the lockout.

The Brooklyn Nets (another large market with an owner with deep pockets) are looking to create their own big three. They didn’t waste time trying to clear salary cap space and rebuild through the draft. Quite the opposite, they traded all their first round draft picks and young players in exchange for big money talent. With Williams and Johnson receiving maximum contracts, the Nets are in heavy talks with the Magic and two other teams looking to make a deal for Dwight Howard. While the details and methodology are questionable, the trade is inevitable. Dwight Howard will be a Net. Howard will become just another player who forced his way out of a smaller market for the bright lights of a bigger city.


Ironically, Cleveland owner Dan Gilbert may be the owner who helps this trade go through. Yes, THIS Dan Gilbert. Oh yeah and THIS Dan Gilbert as well. I guess when the shoe’s on the other foot, principle really doesn’t matter all that much huh?

So we can blame LeBron, bad contracts, Carmelo Anthony, Dwight Howard for causing this Big-3 super-team phenomenon. But we also bashed David Stern when he stepped in “for Basketball reasons”. So who’s left to blame? The same people who got us into this mess to begin with: The Owners.


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