New York Insanity – Jeremy Lin edition

Posted: July 18, 2012 in Bunker


You’re welcome Jeremy Lin. He left New York City while he was still a household name. He left unscathed. New York is the same town that ran Joe Torre out of town after a few years without a World Series ring. It’s also the same town who demanded a General Manager change, when that General Manager led the Yankees to 4 World Series wins. Knicks fans are also the fans who have effectively dropped carrying the torch of their greatest player, Patrick Ewing, because he couldn’t deliver a championship. But somehow that same fan base is overly protective of John Starks, arguably the man who cost Ewing the opportunity for that championship for forgetting that he was, well, John Starks. New York sports fans are also the same fans who still want to revisit the draft of 2003, because they still believe Phillip Rivers is the better quarterback. Also the same town that will put Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez on the back page, while the Superbowl winning quarterback plays for the other team.  This is also a fan base that consistently boos and criticizes probably the greatest player of his generation, Alex Rodriguez. While the rest of the country wishes they had A-Rod in their batting lineup, Yankees fans are all too eager to see Rodriguez in another uniform.


Jeremy, be glad you left. When Lin returns to the Garden, he’ll be praised. James Dolan is the enemy, not him. Carmelo Anthony is the enemy, not Lin. Although Carmelo Anthony has 8 years of excellence under his belt, fans still think the team should be built around a 23 year-old who had spurts of greatness followed by a streak of aloof and questionable play. Lin gets to play in a situation where he can average 20 points and 7 assists and have the entire sports world and Knick fan base say “I told you so!” Would he have fit with the Knicks, probably not. But luckily for Lin, we will never find out. Lin never received the classic New York backlash, well because he did nothing to deserve it. Plus we had plenty of other villains on the team. Amare and a fire extinguisher, Carmelo and JR’s shot selection and the Miami Heat.  Lin exits New York with the sort of immortality that took Derek Jeter nearly a decade to achieve and he all he needed was an amazing two months and a little Insanity.

Much like the words in this blogpost, Lin got out before he was buried in headlines.


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