Cardinals Linebacker Sam Acho and Camrynn’s Beautiful Meeting

Posted: August 8, 2012 in ALL II
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Generally viral videos of “cute” things do not move my meter.  Little kids playing with dogs, cats startled by shadows, or people helping others across the street don’t make my heart melt into a puddle of rainbows and honey.  I suppose this is why people think I don’t like animals or any type of happiness.  I do like it but I am not moved by seeing it…2 million times on YouTube.  All of that ended when I saw a video from Arizona Cardinals training camp – a brief but meaningful meeting between linebacker Sam Acho and Camrynn, a five year old (or so) girl waiting with her family to meet players.  Training camp is a very unique and special environment where established players can share meaningful moments with the fans that adore them, furthering the narrative that players are motivated by money and the cheering spectators.  Or at least that is what I want to think.

Anyway, this video really got brought me in touch with my softer side.  Maybe it was Acho’s willingness to come over and spend so much time with one person.  Talking to Camrynn, taking a picture, and signing the ball without feeling rushed to get to other fans.  Maybe it was Camrynn herself too young to know that Sam Acho is a “big deal” relative to other people but not yet cynical to the narratives surrounding “selfish” athletes.  Maybe it was the relative joy on both their faces coming from two different backgrounds able to share a moment of commonality amid the brutish nature of the sport that everyone came to take in.  Maybe it is trying to figure out what Camrynn could have been contemplating at the :45 second mark where she was eagerly reviewing the autographs (scribbling?) on the football only to come up with the magical words.  “I love you, Sam.”  Maybe that is what love at first sight means in sports.  Not said seductively but with a heart of uncorrupted by double meanings, social expectations, and divisions across every –ism imaginable.

Maybe it was the fact that Camrynn could say “I love you” to someone of a different race now when in many places at any age that statement would immediately be met with punishment for both parties involved.  Maybe it was Sam’s genuine response (“I love you too Camrynn…You just made my day”) absorbed with laughter but still informally punished by death in less progressive parts of America that live, breathe, eat, and sleep football.  Maybe it is special because the only thing Camrynn said that her parents didn’t prompt her to say was “I love you, Sam.”

Maybe all these things are on my mind but it shouldn’t shock anyone that of the millions of “cute” videos on the internet, the one that I finally appreciate happens in sports.


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