Track and Field Rapid Reaction

Posted: August 9, 2012 in Bunker

Track and Field

Perhaps because I’m a former thrower, but there was not nearly enough coverage on the throws during these Olympics. I know the USA is not nearly as competitive as some of the other countries in the world, but exposure could do the USA some good for up and coming field athletes. Reese Hoffa isn’t a household name and that is a damn shame.



I buried the lead in fear of overzealously crowing Usain Bolt as the greatest Olympian of all-time. Yes, I say this in the same Olympics as a man who now holds 22 Olympic medals. But hear me out. Phelps has had some close calls and has even picked up a rival on his way to collecting his many gold medals. Dare I say he even choked during 100m this year, falling just a touch short of another Gold. No one has come close to competing with Usain Bolt. He seems to be decades ahead of his time. He dashes with a flash not seen since Michael Johnson’s Golden shoes. He’s must-see TV. For as impressive as Phelps’ 22 medals and dominance over the past two Olympics have been, Bolt has 5 Gold Medals in 5 tries. He’s been the World’s Fastest Man for the past 5 years. Even scarier: He could be faster.

– Lolo Jones. She’s been torn a part like no other athlete in these Olympics. While we could fairly attack McKayla Maroney for her lack of sportsmanship and class whilst receiving her Silver Medal.

[Which I will right now: Hey McKayla. You lost. Get over it. This is the Olympics. I understand you’re a “competitor” and you were considered a lock for the Gold Medal. But guess what, you landed on your butt. You also had it handed to you by someone who was just better on that day. Instead of dealing with the disappointment with grace and class you dropped the ball and exposed yourself to be the petulant 17-year old child you are. I sit there and I’m supposed to feel sorry for her, because she lost and she’s an American? I’ll pass.]










We instead are all over Lolo Jones for taking advantage of an American media looking to sell a sexy Olympic athlete. Someone who can move the meter and sell some products along the way. Lolo fit the bill. Not only that her quirky virginity story along with her heartbreaking upbringing was the perfect story. I wouldn’t pass it up. I was tuned into every story about her and even the one’s making fun of her. She deserved it.

However, her teammates’ salty reactions were childish as well. Lolo wasn’t a favorite, she was popular, but no one expected her to win gold. The backlash Harper and Wells felt was not that of people who were excited to represent their country, but excited to receive recognition for themselves. If they handled the win in a classy manner, no one would pay attention. If they threw Lolo under the bus and piled on, well they would get their face in newspaper as well. They got what they wished for. People know who Wells and Harper are now. But they still have Lolo Jones to thank.

  1. Shane says:

    There’s no “backlash” to Wells and Harper. That’s just the voices in your head telling you whatever wishful thinking fantasy you have.
    Lolo is a loser, and two Olympics and after winning gold medals you’d think chumps like you would give Wells her due, but you didn’t.
    She has every right to point out the racial bias. Maybe if you were a journalist you’d understand.

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