Give NASCAR a chance by watching this great finish!

Posted: August 13, 2012 in ALL II
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Everyone knows I am a huge NASCAR fan but due to the higher ups at the blog, I usually get shot down from writing on the sport.  Yes, it is a sport.  By any and all definitions of sport.  Symptomatic of the Olympics, lots of people look at auto racing thinking “oh I can drive a car so they are just driving a car faster than everyone else…in a circle.  Not hard at all.”  Driving a car at the speeds they are going is as physically demanding as most any sport.  G-Forces on the body are crippling.  Technical skill is very high.  Teamwork with crew chiefs and pit members changing four tires plus two cans of fuel in 13 seconds.  Oh hell yes it is a sport.  The other misconception is that every now and then (twice a year in fact), the drivers of the Sprint Cup Series run on road courses with the results being very entertaining.

Sunday, I give you the closing lap at Watkins Glen International.  The scene: Watkins Glen is a seven turn road course in upstate New York.  The leader is Kyle Busch in the #18 M&Ms car.  He had a very good car all day but something is clearly amiss going into the final lap.  In second is Brad Kesolowski in the #2 Miller Light Dodge (aka “The Blue Deuce).  In third is NASCAR’s only Tasmanian driver and defending race winner from one year ago Marcos Ambrose in the #9 Stanley Steamer Ford sporting the black and yellow which probably makes him Wiz Khalifa’s favorite driver after Jeff Gordon.

The other piece of this clip that is important is some genius blew and an engine and leaked oil all throughout the track.  Oil on the track + tires with no treads  + time to win a race = a spectacular finish to an exciting race.  Hope you enjoy and appreciate the driving skill on display.



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