Better Basketball Celebration: Sam Cassell “Big Balls” vs. Shawn Kemp “Finger Pointing”

Posted: August 15, 2012 in ALL II
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While watching the gold medal basketball game with friend and master chef Tony, we engaged in a very amusing argument over the best basketball celebration.  I think this began after seeing a highlight of Tyson Chandler blocking someone and doing something lame afterwards.  We both agreed that Dikembe Mutombo’s finger wag was awesome.  Top tier quality.  But that is for now number four behind the two options vying for second.

(If you are wondering what is first, then you need to look no further than Allen Iverson’s “Step Over” of Tyronn Lue.  First of all, it will never happen that often because people usually don’t fall in a place to be stepped over.  Second, AI hitting the shot stunned Lue long enough that AI could just step over him and do NOTHING about it.  Third, AI looked at him like he was the scum of the Earth.  Anytime you can walk over someone, it’s great.  Take my favorite Scottie Pippen highlight for instance.  You step over someone and you can walk around like a BOSS because, well, you are for that 15 second period.  Usually, though, it can be an issue.  AI doing it was just too good)

Tony believes the best celebration is Sam Cassell’s “big balls” routine after hitting a clutch basket.  Originally created by the movie Major League II, the big balls celebration represents everything people want from an over the top celebration.  It looks goofy.  You only do it at the end of games.  You will get fined from it.  Everyone knows what it is but the analysts can’t say what it is because it is somewhat crude.  Although I cannot find video of Sam Cassell actually doing this, I did find Kobe (dare I say) whipping it out against the Spurs.  It’s fantastic.  Eddie House doing it too.

Naturally I disagree with Tony and suggest that the only celebration worthy of the top spot should be Shawn Kemp’s finger pointing particularly after he crushed a dunk over Alton Lister.  It is as brash and in your face as you possibly could be without getting into a fight.  You just devastate someone with a dunk.  They are down and embarrassed and your face lights up while you emphatically point to the person on the ground, as if everyone isn’t looking at that person already.  It’s bold and hilarious.  And it can happen at any time you crush dunks on people.  It only helps that the camera guy sees Kemp pointing and immediately looks to the ground to see a shell-shocked Lister.  If I can point and yell at someone then I am all in.

You decide which is better: big balls or emphatic pointing in someone’s face?


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