Re-Cycle: In Relief

Posted: August 15, 2012 in Bunker

Set Up: Melky Cabrera 

Melky milked the PED cow. So much for the “post-steroids” era. Baseball is as much “post-steroids” as the USA is “post-racial”. It always seems that it’s the guys we don’t suspect are ones who test positive (see: Ryan Braun). While we suspect that some of the big boppers are juicing, they seem to never get caught. I can respect Melky for one thing: he owned up to it. He gave the equivalent to a “my bad”. He shrugs his shoulders, he moves on and takes his penalty. I didn’t care much about Melky Cabrera (especially upon leaving the New York Yankees) and I’ll think of him even less. The MLB is drowning as usual. Drowning as America’s third favorite sport (NFL, College Football and NBA). Another steroid story will do nothing more but confirm that we are headed for another long drawn out argument about what actually constitutes the “Steroid Era”. I’m not going to listen to any sports radio tomorrow until….



I am the ultimate C.C. Sabathia defender. When Verlander was clearly the MVP, Cy Young award winner and the best player in baseball, I stomped around screaming about the greatness of Carsten Charles. I know better now. Every time the King steps on the mound against a playoff caliber team, he shows why he can be considered one of the most dominant pitchers of the era. I watched as every Yankee hitter looked dazed and confused; swinging at air and staring a called third strikes. I sat there and said like the announcers, “he made that look too easy.” It reminded me of the Pedro Martinez one-hitter in 1999 ALCS. 

With shut outs against the Rays, Red Sox, Yankees and Rangers, King Felix is the best pitcher in baseball. His last twelve starts, a 1.56 ERA. The only thing that keeps hope alive for me as a Yankee fan is that King Felix has never and will never play a meaningful game unless he is traded from the Mariners. No soon after Deadspin pointed that out, King Felix threw a no-hitter. Excuse me, he threw a perfect game. 1-0. That’s all you need when you have the league’s most dominant pitcher.


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