The Honorable Elijah Nelson Manning

Posted: September 3, 2012 in Bunker

I’m used to getting ridiculed for being a Giant fan and even worse in many people’s eyes, an Eli Manning fan. But, it was August. I didn’t understand why I was receiving text messages from friends saying “Eli is stupid”, “Eli sucks” and “Eli lost his mind”. I immediately took to Google to figure out what happened.


The headline read “Eli says he’s among elite with Tom Brady”. I shook my head. I thought this was true, or at least talent-wise I thought it to be true, but no one was going to let Eli slide with that statement. Not after not being able to make the Playoffs the previous year (despite having the sixth best record in the conference). Not after following up the three seasons after his seemingly miraculous victory in Super Bowl 42 with no playoff wins to show for it.


It was August. There wasn’t much to talk about, so every one took to analyzing Eli’s comments. Most of the debate was whether or not those comments were appropriate. Not for one second did anyone want to considerEli at that level. I on the other hand was ready to take that step. I said it. Eli is elite. It was one of those times where you had to just take the abuse now, knowing that later on you would validated.


August 18, 2012.


Eli Manning is a two-time Super Bowl Champion.  Two-time Super Bowl MVP. Now I am trying to convince people not that Eli is elite, but the production of his wide receivers and tight ends are a product of him. The reason I admire Tom Brady and consider him the Greatest Quarterback of All-time is that he has done more with less than any elite Quarterback of his era (the most stacked and talented QB era [mostly due to rule changes]). When Brady had elite receivers at his disposal he dismantled the league like no other Quarterback we’ve ever seen. When he has mediocre talent, they are still a Superbowl threat. I believe Eli is cut from the same cloth.


Victor Cruz – Every time I watched a Giant game I was told how “lucky” Eli was to have Victor Cruz. How Victor Cruz was the “truth”. Yawn. Where were these people when Victor Cruz was sixth on the depth chart? How “lucky”  was Eli then to have such a weapon. Cruz plays the role of slot receiver for the Giants. GivenEli’s tendencies to favor the slot, those guys get a lot of touches.


Steve Smith in his first year as the Giants 3rd down option – 107 Rec. 1220 yards.

Steve Smith in the years he was either injured or not the Giants 3rd down option  –

57, 48 receptions 574, 529 respectively. Not impressive. Eli, for better or for worse favors guys who go over the middle.


Not to mention Steve Smith was a virtual no show in Philadelphia.


Kevin Boss with Eli – Averaged 36.6 receptions 494 yards.

Kevin Boss without Eli – 28 receptions 360 yards.


His production decreased.


Jake Ballard, a man who was known as a Blocking Tight End in college, only caught 34 passes for 377 yards in 4 years at OSU. In his first year with Eli Manning Ballard caught 38 passes for 604 yards. Let’s see how productive he will be without Eli in the coming years.

 This year Eli Manning’s projects are Rueben Randle and Martellus Bennett. If the past is any indication…you’ll see, you’ll see.

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