NFL 32 Questions or More: Week One

Posted: September 5, 2012 in ALL II
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Every week throughout the football season I will ask 32 questions, one for each team in the National Football League.  On the heels of the Wednesday night season opener, I give you the Week One 32 Questions gimmicky post.

AFC East

New England Patriots

Will the Patriots defense be able to keep up with their offense providing even a minor break for the fighting Tom Bradys?

Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins played well for former coach Tony Sparano, delaying his firing by continuing to win games.  Will the same fortune fall on Joe Philbin and is Reggie Bush poised for his first back to back 1000 yard rushing season since USC?

New York Jets

After the screw job is complete with Mark Sanchez (no offensive line, poor rushing, lack of offensive skill players), will Greg McElroy complete 60% of his passes over the final six games of the season?  (Side question:  How underappreciated will the Jets defense be with all the focus on the offensive woes?)

Buffalo Bills

With a healthy Ryan Fitzpatrick, top tier front seven, soft schedule, and a mended relationship between Steve Johnson and the good lord, how can the Bills miss the playoffs?

NFC East

Washington Redskins

How will the offense be built: RG III plays the Shanahan system or Shanahan crafts an offense tailored to RG III style?

Philadelphia Eagles

Is Michael Vick the most overrated quarterback of all-time?  (Figuring in contracts, lack of 16 game seasons, and playoff performance)

Aside: Can LeSean McCoy a) be a successful running back without the specter of Michael Vick and b) break the strangle hold over quarterbacks winning MVP?

Dallas Cowboys

Will the often underappreciated Tony Romo end the season as the best quarterback in the NFC East?  Will it matter when they miss the playoffs again this season?


Since the Giants won’t repeat as champions, what will be funnier to non-Giants fans: Martellus Bennett getting the Manning, Eli face after dropping passes or Tom Coughlin’s job on the line at week 7 after a two game losing streak?

AFC North

Cincinnati Bengals

Much less than reaching the playoffs, can the Bengals defense repeat their top ten performance to aid the Dalton led offense?

Pittsburgh Steelers

Can Reshard Mendenhall get to 1000 yards in under 250 carries?  If so, maybe Ben won’t be asked to do it all with that cruddy offensive line.

Cleveland Browns

Who do you draft in top three in the 2013 draft?  Robert Woods would look good with a second year quarterback…

Baltimore Ravens

Does Joe Flacco make the jump to solid top ten quarterback with firm control of the offense?

NFC North

Detroit Lions

The Lions gave up 90 points in the final two weeks of the NFL season (week 17 and playoffs).  Defensive improvement?

Chicago Bears

From what we know he Chicago Bears are the most balanced team in football (offense, defense, and special teams).  Will their offensive line be able to hold up long enough to take advantage of their skills?

Minnesota Vikings

How in the hell is Adrian Peterson ready to play NFL football after that horrific knee injury?!?!?

Green Bay Packers

Can Cedric Benson last long enough to finally give the Packers a legitimate run threat?  Will it be enough to accommodate for some regression to the mean by Aaron Rogers?

AFC South

Indianapolis Colts

The Colts offensive line is horrendous.  No two ways about it.  Simply put: Does Andrew Luck play all 16 games?

Jacksonville Jaguars

Is there a way that the Jags can make Blane Gabbert have a contract holdout so he doesn’t play quarterback this season?

Tennessee Titans

Has there ever been a team more perfectly constructed for 8-8 than the 2012 Tennessee Titans?

Houston Texans

With everyone healthy in a weak division, is this a “rich man’s” version of the San Francisco 49ers?  Can they get to the AFC title game? (Oh yes they can!)

NFC South

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The 2011 Bucs provided the Boston Red Sox with a great blueprint for how to quit on a coach midseason.  With new personnel installed, can Josh Freeman regain his rookie year form?

Carolina Panthers

Hot shot Cam Newton (CAAAAAAAAAAAAM) started strong and struggled mightily late, especially throwing the football (only two 215+ yard passing games in the final eight games).  A running game helps this type of thing.  Who will be the Carolina Panthers running back of choice or will we get another back by committee system?

Atlanta Falcons

Will Julio Jones become the number one option for Matt Ryan, supplanting the questionable hands of Roddy White?

New Orleans Saints

I think the Saints will be fine this season so there is only one real question to ask: Will Sean Payton make an attempt to talk to his team and get caught by the NFL?

AFC West

Oakland Raiders

Chika thinks the Raiders will be a contender and points to Carson Palmer to have a good season.  Yeah, we laughed too.  But in all seriousness, if the offense stays healthy it should be good.  What is going to happen on the defensive side of the ball with no cornerbacks and a depleted line backing corps?

San Diego Chargers

It seems nearly impossible for the Chargers to begin their season with a characteristic piss poor record.  And Philip Rivers seems destined to recover from his disastrous season.  How many wins will Norv Turner cost this team?  (two wins and possibly the wild card)

Kansas City Chiefs

When healthy, the Chiefs made the playoffs.  Last season, the injured Chiefs struggled mightily and Todd Haley was let go.  How will a healthy Chiefs team overcome the colossal deficit that is Romeo Crenell?

Denver Broncos

Peyton Manning’s four time surgically stabilized neck?  Nasty thing to type, even worse to play with I’m sure.

NFC West

St. Louis Rams

Remember when Sam Bradford was the greatest thing since…the last overall number one quarterback?  Nope me neither.

Arizona Cardinals

Remember when Kevin Kolb was the greatest thing since…the last quarterback out of the Andy Reid school of offensive success?  Nope me neither.

Seattle Seahawks

Remember when Matt Flynn was the greatest thing since…Kevin Kolb before he played a snap for Arizona?  Nope me neither.

San Francisco 49ers

Can the upgrades at wide receiver continue the renaissance of Alex Smith?  Can you have a renaissance when you struggled most of your career?


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