Narratives of Week 2 Before They Happen

Posted: September 15, 2012 in Bunker

The Cowboys go 0-2 and every one is reminded of Tony Romo’s biggest choker moment. We are showed the video 5 or 6 times to try to make Seahawks-Cowboys a more relevant game than reality reveals.


Victor Cruz drops key passes while announcers are shocked at this even though Cruz was top 5 in drops last year.

Fans realize that Kansas City and Buffalo have teams when they are forced to sit through highlights and pretend that they only care because they have Jamal Charles and CJ Spiller on their teams.

Analysts will make a big deal out of the Vikings being 2-0 and Adrian Peterson’s heart and determination will be lauded.

When you pay a Coach $7million and he gets suspended, it hurts your team.

We are shown a flashback of Michael Vick’s right fibula fracture in 2003.

Griffining attempts to be the black Tebowing (Mature audiences only). And fails miserably.

People begin looking at the Texans schedule and find little reason why that team won’t clinch before December.

Dick Lebeau begins talking to an empty chair, while Tebow scores a touchdown.

Peyton Manning will be on every National primetime game this season.

The debate about player safety takes a new twist.


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