Way Down in the Hole for the Referees

Posted: September 18, 2012 in Bunker

Here’s some irony for you, we watch football now not only to watch the players, but to watch for the next controversial play where we, the fan, can poke fun of the ineptitude of these replacements. We love to scream and holler about how much we’re bothered by the refs, but on our twitter feed we allow the referees to trend. We hold our breaths every time a flag is thrown or one of the players screams at the refs until they throw a flag. Forget the integrity of the game. If integrity of the game truly mattered, wouldn’t we have been up-in-arms for years when we saw the first team to get the ball in overtime kick a Field Goal for the win? Wouldn’t we have fled the NFL after the controversial calls in the Steelers vs. Seahawks SuperBowl XL where the NFL had to soon apologize for the horrendous officiating during that particular game. Turns out the game is rigged, not by the refs,  not by the league offices, but us, the fans. They sucked us in and we’re not going anywhere.

Remember when there was an alternative?


Steve Young’s right, we’re all shills. We never truly cared about the integrity of the game, because our love for the NFL has no integrity. We need something to talk about early in the season other than the game itself. We don’t mind, we’re not going turn the game off. We’re all Bubbles and even though Pandemic is just Yellowtop , we’re still buying.


Sundays are our Hamsterdam:



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