Oblivious GF GM

Posted: November 11, 2012 in Bunker

During the Mavericks vs. Knicks game, my part-time bedroom partner who knows very little about the NBA other than LeBron James is really good and Chris Bosh makes egregious faces asked me following:

“Is Mike Woodson a good coach?”

Before I answered, I inquired why she would ask such a question. She answered:

“He just doesn’t look like someone who’s that good.”

She was spot on. Just by looking at him, she said to herself “I don’t want THAT guy coaching my team.” I wanted to know what she thought about other coaches in the league. She could perhaps be the anti-Nate Silver, but just as effective. I decided to test the theory out by pulling up the Google Images of various coaches from random eras across the history of the NBA. I posed the question in a very simple manner: Is this person a good coach?

Here are the results

Phil Jackson – Good

Cotton Fitzsimmons (Random I know) – Bad

Isiah Thomas – Bad

Lionel Hollins – Good

Vinny Del Negro – Good

Avery Johnson – Good

Scott Skiles – Bad

Lawrence Frank – Bad

Gregg Popovich – Bad

PJ Carlesimo – Good

Larry Brown – Good, “Would venture to say even really good”

Kurt Rambis – Bad

Alvin Gentry  – Good

Doc Rivers – Good

Some reasons cited for the choices:

“Guys who point with confidence seem like they would be better.”

“eeeh his face seems too intense”

“He looks unhinged”

“Also, it’s more than the pointing, there needs to be a mix of smile and fierce faces. You need to let your players know when they’re sucking, but you also have to be able to celebrate their successes to boost morale. People who look dead in every picture clearly can’t do that”

Message to GMs – Apparently it’s a lot easier to tell a bad coach than it is to tell who is a great coach.


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