Chika Okafor

Sports is the only thing that I am passionate about and fittingly, I aspire to become a sports journalist. I read, watch, write about, listen to, and play sports (I am a much better basketball player than ALL II and Mr. Bunk but of course, they will deny it). My allegiance lies with all the professional sports teams located in Chicago with the exception of the White Sox (regardless of what they tell you, many White Sox fans envy all the undeserved publicity that the Cubs receive) and my favorite sports applicable motto is “Fun is winning. Winning is fun.”

Allen Linton II

Allen L. Linton II is an American politics doctoral student in the University of Chicago’s political science program. He also hosts “ALL Sports” on WHPK.org alternating Thursdays from 12pm-1pm(CST).  Allen, literally, follows all sports to a painful degree that highlights the lowlights of sports enjoyment. Sports favorites include: Mariners, Packers, Mavericks, Blackhawks, Jeff Gordon, USC Football, Roger Federer (before 2001 not like the bandwagon fans), Georgetown Basketball, Manchester United, Ernie Els, etc.  Yes, he lovesNASCAR, thinks it is a sport, and will defend it to anyone.  Specialties include: quarterbacks, mediocre athletes, sport/society/politics references, and perspective.

Bunk E.I.C. 


From Parts Unknown. He holds down this operation, while doing his best to keep anonymity. He also goes by “MoneyBags”, “Sarah Phillips” and “Kaiser Soce”


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