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So I love Michael Jeffery Jordan.¬† Best athlete I’ve seen in action.¬† Unfortunately, he is probably one of the worst talent evaluators and NBA front office leader ever.¬† This guy goes all out being greatest or worst.¬† Anyway, I saw this story about MJ being tapped to be an adviser and motivator for the Ryder Cup team and could not help but think of several questions.¬† First, why would you need MJ to advise you on anything sports related?¬† The Charlotte Bobcats are the worst franchise in the NBA and Jordan is a huge part of that problem with “yes men” unable to run the basketball operations in a sound manner.¬† I would be more accepting if this was basketball but a golf adviser?¬† Just drop that misnomer because it isnt happening.¬† He isn’t telling Tiger Woods “hey I know you are a pro at this but if I were playing this hole, I’d use a 4-iron.”

Some people suggest it won’t make a difference (no stuff Sherlock) but his presence should add some positive motivation for the team.¬† That’s pathetic.¬† Just say we want to have one of the most recognizable faces in sports around so people will watch and we won’t be a bunch of middle aged boring white dudes and Tiger.¬† If you can’t be motivated by facing the Europeans after they have won 6 of the last 8 Ryder Cups then you don’t need to be on the team.¬† Go out and kick the crap out the Euros and celebrate like in 1999 – people will care so much more if you just win!


“Vaunted”¬†(usually used when referring to a great defense): The actual meaning of vaunted is¬†boast about or praise (something), esp. excessively, but every time a defense is above average some unimaginative sports writer throws vaunted in there to supposedly provide some emphasis for their statement

“High-Powered”¬†(usu. used when describing a great offense): How does that not make you cringe? Does it even sound¬†right to say¬†out-loud?

“Prolific” – ¬†Always used when discussing a quarterback or an offense. Never a prolific defense. I think it’s only because announcers and pundits are obsessed with alliteration and prolific passer always sounds better than anything else.

“He Just Loves Playing the Game”: Really?

“He’s a Winner”: So what happens on the days they lose? What are they now?

“Triumphant Return”: There is no such thing as a triumphant return in the middle of the season. Now this is a¬†triumphant return.

“Defense Wins Championship”: Offense wins championships. You have to score to win. Unless your defense is scoring, this doesn’t make much sense. I know, I know. Good defenses put your team in a great position to win, but just look at the last five or six champions in every sport. Was it good pitching or good hitting? Was it more quarterbacks or linebackers that made the difference? Just saying. Out-dated.

“______s of the world”: I heard this the other day on NFL 52. “When you have the Drew Brees’, Tom Bradys and Aaron Rodgers of the world you always have a chance to win it all.” Why can’t you just say when you have an elite quarterback, you have a chance to win it all. The only time this is applicable is when there is someone who shares the same quality with the same name. Other wise it’s stupid. Just plain dumb. Although it’s not limited to only sports, this needs to go.

“He Just Wins Games” (also see: He’s Just a Winner): See Tim Tebow.

“He’s a Great Locker Room Guy: Every time this is said, the announcer/writer/pundit describes the player as if he’s 1/3 athlete, 1/3 cheerleader, 1/3 therapist. No one in sports has ever been signed because he makes all the players feel better about themselves.

“He Just Makes Plays”: Almost at every point of a game a play is made. You can make a play on the ball and miss. You can scored a touchdown and play is made. You can turn the ball over and that’s a play. Someone just made a play on you. Making a play goes both ways. Brett Favre made a lot of plays, many of them went into the hands of other players.

“We got back to playing our game” –¬†As opposed to? This is just another way of saying, we actually executed our game plan. More simply, we played well or better.

“He does all the little things right” – The guy in basketball who does everything but score. The guy who has no specialty that you don’t want playing too long. You want to know why this is barely used in football, because they have one or two things they need to do well and if they don’t, they just don’t play.

“He’s scrappy” –¬†Another way of saying a guy lacks athleticism or quite frankly is white.

“We’ve got to take the next step (level)” – Another way of saying “let’s do better”.

Any references to God after victories –¬†God (depending on what side of the faith you are) does a lot of things. Picking winners for games is not one of them.

Morgan Freeman in Bruce Almighty

“Gotta give it our all” – Giving your all means death.

“Gotta leave it all on the floor” ¬†– See above.

“Bring your A-Game”

“The Game of basketball” “This is the National Football League” –¬†¬†We know the game. We understand the league, now get on with the rest of your comment/opinion.

Chuck Knoblauch Creeping on Ladies on the G Train in New York City


Kyrie Irving Pulls his best Grandmama Impression



Jay Farrow Roasting Stephen A. Smith on Saturday Night Live



Bomani Jones on Roy Hibbert





When I was 12 years old I heard Allen Iverson’s rant about practice. I said to myself, he’s got a point, he is the best player on the team and works really hard during the game, why should he need to show up to practice. Moreover, why are they bothering him about practice.

Fast forward ten years later, this has to be one of the most asinine soliloquies I have ever heard. Yes you have to show up to practice, because you ARE the franchise player. While I think Allen Iverson is one of the greatest scorers the league has ever seen and highly underrated, he has no one to blame but himself for his poor reputation.

For all of that. I LOVE listening and watching this. Enjoy.





In addition if you don’t know who Allen Iverson is nor are aware of his accomplishments, he’s here to let you know.


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Allen L. Linton II – Mariner Rant

One of our contributors Allen L. Linton ¬†chronicled his feelings towards his favorite MLB team the Seattle Mariners. His outburst began with praise of former Cy Young award winner Felix “King” Hernandez and ended with a frustrating barrage, which describes the pain and anguish of being Mariners fan.¬†

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Stephon Marbury is a champion.

You will have to recognize Stephon Marbury as the leader of a championship team.

The Knicks suffered for 10 years, mostly as a result of Stephon Marbury’s inept play and his general psychosis. Which included eating vaseline, having meltdowns whilst video blogging and making skits about his critics. Marbury became a¬†pariah¬†in NBA circles and after playing¬†sparingly¬†in Boston, received no more offers to play in the Association.

He moved overseas, where he became the number one scorer on a championship team. Again, I repeat Stephon Marbury was the leading scorer on a championship team. That hurts anyone who loves basketball.

I will never forgive Stephon for his tenure with the Knicks, but as a result of his horrendous play, I did receive quite a bit from Stephen A. Smith tearing him to shreds on numerous occassions.

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Louisville fan punches Kentucky fan in the face at the local dialysis center.  What on earth is wrong with these people?  Stand your ground people!  You cannot flip someone off when waiting for the dialysis machine and you cannot punch people in the face.  Both over 65!  March Madness!

Earlier this week, the 49ers emerged as a one of the teams interested in signing former Indianapolis Colt‚Äôs superstar quarterback Peyton Manning. Reportedly, the 49ers worked out Manning, with Jim Harbaugh leading the work out. This new development was quite surprising because the 49ers have maintained the public stance that they intended on re-signing Alex Smith, the quarterback that ‚Äúled‚ÄĚ them to the NFC Championship game.

So, what does the 49ers’ interest in Manning say about the 49ers’ view of Smith? I posed this question to ALL II because he has been an ardent supporter of Smith. The result was a lengthy and a sometimes hostile discussion in an email chain.

Cheeks: 49ers have emerged as the third team in the Peyton sweepstakes. Allen, you still think that the 49ers truly believe that A. Smith is good enough to lead them to the Superbowl? Their interest in Peyton indicates otherwise.

ALL II: For the foolish people that make these kinds of¬†assertions all the time, it is worth reminding YOU and others that interest in another entity does NOT mean lack of belief in what is there. I just got into an argument about Obama not closing Guantanamo Bay and how this indicated that his preferences changed on the issue.¬†This logic is pretty friggin stupid.¬†Not closing Gitmo indicates opposition from people in the organization (government) but it has NO bearing on preference changes. Similarly, interest in Manning – to me – indicates that believe Manning can lead the team to the Super Bowl.¬†It DOES NOT mean that the team doesn‚Äôt think Smith can lead them to a Super Bowl, perhaps that one can do so in a more immediate fashion.¬† That said, I think Peyton ends up Denver where the organization is clear that they do not believe Tebow can lead them to a Super Bowl.¬†Also, the 49ers got amazingly close to a super bowl with crappier receivers so I doubt the organization is wavering in its belief in Smith.¬† Jeez‚Ķ.‚ÄĚindicates otherwise‚Ä̂Ķdo better.¬†As if you cannot have belief in two people‚Ķ.as if Peyton is going to play another 7 years!?¬† GTFO

Cheeks: Awww…You mad because your Boo is not getting any respect?…Here is where your analogy falls short. In order for Obama to get things done, he needs the support and approval from people in the organization. He can be staunch advocate of something but if he can’t get others to support his cause then his cause will be rendered ineffective. So, in the situation that you cited, it would be misguided to infer Obama’s preference. For the 49ers, the power dynamics are vastly different. Jim Harbaugh holds a lot of sway in that organization and when it comes to quarterbacks, you would think that he has the ultimate say. Anything that involves bringing in a quarterback to replace his purported darling (i.e. Alex Smith) would be strictly his call. So, for the 49ers to go after Manning–and for Harbaugh to be the one running the workouts–I think indicates that he has some doubts about Alex Smith.

Look at the other teams that we know for sure had interest in Manning. Seattle, Washington, Arizona, NY Jets, Miami, Denver, Tennessee & KC. It is widely believed around the league that those teams weren’t particularly fond of their quarterback and were looking to upgrade if possible. So, if that was the case for those teams then why can’t I assume that the 49ers also are not fully sold on their quarterback? Teams typically go after a quarterback of Manning’s caliber with health issues when they aren’t completely sold on their quarterback (See¬†the¬†Brett Favre situation). If it is incorrect to interpret a teams’ interest in Manning as an indictment of their current quarterback, then why the hell aren’t teams like the Bears, Lions, & Falcons going after Manning? The quarterbacks for those¬†teams have not led their team to a Superbowl and the teams are comprised of Superbowl caliber talent. The reason is because those teams¬†truly¬†believe that their current quarterback is capable of leading their team to a Superbowl.

Manning will not play 7 more years but I assure you that the 49ers will NOT re-sign A. Smith if they sign Peyton.

Also, the low-key nature with which the 49ers have pursued Peyton is very suspicious.

EIC (aka Bunker): New York Giants – Superbowl Champions.

ALL II: The 49ers like Alex Smith.¬†Coach Jim Harbaugh has repeatedly expressed his affinity for Smith. Taking a look at another veteran quarterback would threaten the relationship between the two, but Manning is a special case. Looking into a four-time MVP quarterback and future Hall of Famer doesn’t qualify as a personal affront to a quarterback with one winning season on his resume. The assumption here is that Harbaugh has communicated the team’s intentions to Smith, either directly or through Condon, and that the 49ers feel comfortable in their ability to move forward with Smith if Manning does not come to San Francisco. (

Cheeks: What else do you think Jim Harbaugh would say?! You think that if he had some doubts about Smith that he would express them to Smith? C’mon Allen. Like you like to say: DO BETTER!! Communicating with Smith is the prudent thing to do because it is not a certainty that they will land Manning. Manning is a special case yet the Lions, Bears, and Falcons are not interested but the 49ers are and they have not re-signed Smith. I’ll leave you with this: ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS.

ALL II: I think you are absolutely misevaluating the actions as they relate to the question: Do the 49ers think Smith can lead them to a Super Bowl?  Dealing with Manning indicates: we think Manning can do that.  It may be a difference in certainty but that should not be confused with believing he cannot.

EIC: As the only one who has access to Peyton Manning’s agents. The 49ers, while expressing interest are merely doing their due diligence as a franchise. One 49er source said, if we didn’t look into it, it would be¬†tantamount¬†to malpractice and outright irresponsibility.

Cheeks: “Difference in certainty”¬†essentially implies that the 49ers have some doubts. They believe that Peyton can lead them to a Superbowl but aren’t completely sure that Smith can. And I go back to what I said earlier. What else did you think that Harbaugh would tell Smith?

Yes. Not looking into Peyton is certainly tantamount to malpractice and outright irresponsibility when Alex “Average” Smith is your quarterback. Lol

ALL II: Dude, a friggin four time MVP and someone widely considered as a top five greatest QB ever is a unique situation even if you have an above average QB.

Cheeks: A QB that is coming off 4 neck surgeries and is 35 years old is only a unique situation for teams that have doubts about their QB.

ALL: Absolutely not…again, ignoring the body of work.

Thank you Mr. Moneybags.


Cheeks: Absolutely not ignoring the body of work. I’m taking everything into consideration. The quarterback situation of the teams that were/are interested is telling.

ALL II: If you could not read between the lines of the Manning people and the positive support for Smith, I don’t know what to say.

Cheeks: 49ers like Smith but they have doubts hence the pursuit of Manning. Fair?

EIC: (Allen just cursed and said “that’s what the fuck I been saying”)

ALL II: NO! Pursuing Manning does not indicate doubt. For instance, I have no doubt that Westbrook is a great point guard but if I could get Chris Paul I would at least have the conversation

EIC: Allen to say that the 49ers have no doubt about Smith you’d be silly. Get it together. I don’t see the Pats, Saints, Panthers, Giants, Ravens, etc. hitting up Manning…wanna know why? They don’t have¬†doubts¬†about their Quarterback. Alex Smith is a pretty doubtful/unknown quantity.

Thus I have to agree with Cheeks as to why they are going after the 2nd best Manning.

Cheeks: Thank you Brian. Allen, suck it! By the way, having a conversation is different from running someone through a workout for the purposes of signing them.

ALL II: All the same to me…no real threat. I certainly am not putting Smith in the elite zone but I am saying it is fundamentally different than Denver, Tennessee, and Seattle.

The End


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The Knicks get back onto the Court after 6 days off due to All-Star Break. Linsanity has been an amazing story for New Yorkers, Harvard, the NBA and Asian Americans.

It’s also been a launching pad for racial insensitivity towards Asian-Americans. It is as though the media did not know Asian Americans existed and used Jeremy Lin story as an experiment on how far they can push the puns and commentary on Lin’s nationality. Below I will try to take you through the insensitive journey that has been Linsanity.

Age Old Question: Is it racist if an Asian made the sign?

Courtesy of Jason Whitlock’s Twitter Account

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Courtesy of Floyd Mayweather’s Twitter:

My Hometown Paper: The New York Post

The World Wide Leader in Sports: ESPN

But… I have an Asian Wife Defense

Ben and Jerry’s

Updated as of 2-29-2012 – I’m sure there will be more in the future