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Rough week in the picks department but week one is about survival and figuring out what you really have against other opponents.  Going 9-7 was a nice start but in the 32 questions below, it’s already must win double digit games or I fear a benching or even a firing.  Ok maybe not but it’s not as bad as Andy Reid’s seat.  Picks and questions for week two with winners in bold.

Bears at Packers

Chicago has played the Packers close and lost over the past six meetings but has not been this balanced in years.  Will Cutler’s plan to bait the Packers into press coverage result in a 125yd, 2TD performance from Brandon Marshall?

Offensively the Packers looked the same, playing well against the top defense in the NFL but defensively looked as suspect as ever: little pass rush, penalties, and corners who could not keep up.  Can Mr. 1000 yard rusher Cedric Benson provide enough quality rushes to ease some pressure off Aaron Rodgers to outscore the Bears?

Bills at Chiefs

Kansas City struggled last year due to key injuries on the offense and the little depth in the secondary.  Last week, the defense came under attack with injuries to starting corner Brandon Flowers, linebacks Derrick Johnson and Jovan Belcher, and safety Kendrick Lewis.  Can this team catch a break?

Along with the Chiefs, the other upset playoff pick that looked bad was the Bills.  The upgraded defense got worked by Sanchize and Ryan Fitzpatrick seemed healthy and still crappy.  Will Chan Gailey be outcoached by Romeo Cronnell?  If you get worked by the offensively limited Jets, everything else seems like an uphill battle.

Saints at Panthers

How stupid were people to suggest that Super Bowl winning coach and offensive mastermind Sean Payton wouldn’t be missed because Drew Brees is really good?

How long will it be before Panthers GM Marty Hurney (employed in Carolina since 2002) get the ax for perpetuating this rotational running back mess?  Decide on the running back of choice and let that person run the ball.  Caaaaaaaaaaaaam….woaaaaah, Caaaaam is spared for now.

Browns at Bengals

Since week two comes falls on the week of September 11th and Brandon Weeden struggles with American flags, how will avoid the pregame blitz from good ol’ USA!USA!USA!? Did you notice his attempt to fake right and run backwards before taking the sack?

The Bengals were blown out by Baltimore but that game was much closer than the final score indicates.  If Vick can throw four interceptions and still win by one, does that mean Andy Dalton has only two turnovers worth of error to win?

Vikings at Colts

Adrian Peterson not only played, he ran for two touchdowns and looked pretty amazing in week one.  Can the Vikings enter week three as the only 2-0 team in the NFC North!?

It’s easy to credit a wide receiver when he has a great quarterback just was its easy to forget a star with a bad quarterback (see Larry Fitzgerald).  Have people underappreciated the greatness that is Reggie Wayne?  (YES!)

Texans at Jaguars

In Andre Johnson’s career, he has never had a double digit touchdown season but first things first: Can Johnson tie his 2011 touchdown total in only two games this season?

Blaine Gabbert played well in a game they should’ve won if they weren’t the Jacksonville Jaguars.  Will the Jags be fooled again into thinking they can compete this season (check out Jacksonville’s paper after they won the first game of the 2011 season), only to win four games?

Raiders at Dolphins

Is it possible to trade Reggie Bush to the Raiders to complete their insatiable desire for USC Heisman trophy winners from the Pete Carrol days?  (Sidebar: Did the Raiders address the question of why on a 52 man roster there was no one capable of long snapping to the punter in the event of injury?)

Aside from Darren McFadden, is there a more important non-quarterback offensive player for an AFC team than Reggie Bush?  Both Bush and McFadden run and catch more than anyone else.

Cardinals at Patriots

Which was more shocking: Arizona winning against the Seahawks or Kevin Kolb leading the win against the Seahawks?

Again, how the Patriots got this easy schedule?

Buccaneers at Giants

Greg Schiano prepared his defense to crush the Panthers rushing attack and he succeeded (10 total rushing yards for the Panthers).  What will Schiano focus on against the Giants and can stopping one thing be enough?

One game is an aberration; two is more of a trend.  Can Martellus Bennett back up his solid week one performance with a boneheaded free week two game?

Ravens at Eagles

Will the Ravens no-huddle offense make them the better team with better offensive athletes this Sunday?

How hard is it to believe that Vick will play winning football after his dud in Cleveland?

Cowboys at Seahawks

Are we just at the peak of the Cowboys season before underachieving the rest of the year or is there still room for improvement?

Yes, the Seahawks came one dropped pass from winning the game but is Bill Simmons’ pick to win the Super Bowl the dumbest thing ever written?

Redskins at Rams

Can recent fantasy pick up and rookie running back Alfred Morris be more than a one hit wonder before Shanahan pulls the plug?

Am I too afraid to pick the upset when this game has all the signs of a trap game?  (YES)

Jets at Steelers

How many games of leeway does Sanchez have after his amazing week one performance?

Can the Steelers ever get through a game without losing an offensive lineman?

Titans at Chargers

Is it bad to say that Chris Johnson is back on track after his 11 carry, 4 yard day last week?

It’s hard to root for Norv Turner but this could be the season where the losing streak comes at the end and not the beginning?

Lions at 49ers

Quietly kept, the Lions didn’t do themselves any favors with a poor performance in St. Louis.  Will Jim Schwartz successfully make it through the postgame handshake on opponent territory?

Randy Moss is back.  Manningham looks good.  Defense?  Spectacular but will it be able to contain a dual threat team with an elite wide receiver like Calvin Johnson and a healthy Kevin Smith?

Broncos at Falcons

Peyton Manning back in a dome with a high speed, no huddle offense and he rarely loses night games in primetime.  Can he pick apart an upgraded secondary with an injury to Brent Grimes but still anchored by Asante Samuel?

Can the Falcons’ streak of winning in that dome during the regular season over power Peyton’s power to not lose in primetime at night?  (Or is this going to be the first good test of how much better the NFC is over the AFC?)


Peyton Manning will join the Mile High Legacy (as sponsored by Sports Authority) with a 5yr/ $96 million dollar contract.  Broncos’ management did their due-diligence in structuring the contract with health related bonuses in years two and three.  Andrew Brandt offers up contract nitty gritty but I want to go through the implications for the main parties involved in the deal.  While some people write the standard “Winners/Loser” post, I give you updates on the “Movers and Shakers.”

Peyton Manning: Quarterback, Denver Broncos

Two different narratives emerge from his decision to join the Broncos and depending on his success it may lead to a massive reevaluation of the greatness of number 18.  From a football perspective – that is winning Super Bowl Titles- the 49ers appeared to be in the best position for a Manning upgrade.  With an elite defense, retooled wide receivers and decent offensive line Manning could rip through the NFC West to a 1 or 2 seed every year.  Not wanting to play against Eli Manning seems like a piss poor reason to avoid the NFC, so I did not buy it.  Like John Elway, Peyton is devilishly calculating.  He does recognize the NFC is the better conference with more, better quarterbacks making his playoff route significantly harder.  Owning the depleted AFC West can provide the safer route to title land and his familiarity with the conference means limited extra preparation.  It shouldn’t be discounted that John Fox is a defensive coach and would not stand in the way of an all Peyton affair on offense – something he enjoyed during his time in Indianapolis.  How do we view all of this?

1)      Peyton Manning is a cerebral, intelligent quarterback who will work to get to the Super Bowl in the most comfortable manner.  Has all the information and skill to make a young team great.

2)      Peyton Manning can only play in one system to the point where his abilities are questionable.  He cannot deal with strong coaches and unless he gets full control he cannot succeed.  He avoids the path of most resistance both teams and conditions (windy in ol’ Candlestick) to try a softer route to a title.

John Elway: Executive Vice President of Football Operations, Denver Broncos

Fresh off a glowing endorsement one month ago, Elway finished wiping the blood off the knife driven in Tebow’s back and made a monster move.  No one should be shocked that Elway made this move: he is a traditional quarterback, never did like Tebow, and always wanted to move him in the best possible way.  His team now gets a Hall of Famer and someone who looks like the last major performer in Denver.  Elway also shows how serious he is in this job.  Former players often get pushed over in negotiations in sympathizing with current players; Elway looks as cold-blooded as a Chicago Booth graduate.  Also gives the Broncos room to negotiate for adding talent to please Peyton which is a long term win.

Timothy Tebow: Position TBD, New York Jets


Numbers may deceive but never lie.  Winning games and being on a winning team as a sub-50% completion rate passer just does not cut it.  Fans and teammates immediately abandoned him for the shiny Peyton Manning who will not arm punt the 8 yard out.  Going to New York City is just stunning.  J-E-T-S fans will immediately demand for him to hit the field after the second three and out continuing the regression to the mean under the Rex Ryan-era.  If anything, Tebow may be active at a difference position at FB or maybe tight end which would be an upgrade because he does not need to throw the ball.

Miami Dolphins: Poorly Run Organization, AFC East

What in the hell are they doing!? A competitive team down the stretch needed to wait for a bad game to fire their coach; they gave away a premier wide receiver, and cannot get a quality player to go there?  Manning sweepstakes – not a chance.  Alex Smith possibilities?  He USED them to get back at the 49ers.   New Miami coach, former Packers Offensive Coordinator Joe Philbin, passed on Matt Flynn.  Miami is left with nothing and never had a plan going into free agency.  Some fans protested Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland and his decisions made over the offseason.  Yeah, those same fans who are responsible for the second lowest home-field attendance in 2011 behind the playoff Bengals (embarrassing Cincinnati).  Dolphins did nothing so this means rebuilding and that is never good for fans or players.

San Francisco 49ers, Window wide open for playoff run, NFC West Champs, 2011

Awkward but grown men will get over it and play ball.  Never a real contender for Manning so the entire Manning conversation just caused unnecessary drama.  Second time where a strong head coach interferes with better quarterback play.  Mike Nolan did not like young Aaron Rodgers opting with a less threatening Alex Smith.  Now Harbaugh opts for Smith over Manning (though more likely the other way around).  Smith is such a nice guy here but he better not stink it up in the playoffs next year.

Earlier this week, the 49ers emerged as a one of the teams interested in signing former Indianapolis Colt’s superstar quarterback Peyton Manning. Reportedly, the 49ers worked out Manning, with Jim Harbaugh leading the work out. This new development was quite surprising because the 49ers have maintained the public stance that they intended on re-signing Alex Smith, the quarterback that “led” them to the NFC Championship game.

So, what does the 49ers’ interest in Manning say about the 49ers’ view of Smith? I posed this question to ALL II because he has been an ardent supporter of Smith. The result was a lengthy and a sometimes hostile discussion in an email chain.

Cheeks: 49ers have emerged as the third team in the Peyton sweepstakes. Allen, you still think that the 49ers truly believe that A. Smith is good enough to lead them to the Superbowl? Their interest in Peyton indicates otherwise.

ALL II: For the foolish people that make these kinds of assertions all the time, it is worth reminding YOU and others that interest in another entity does NOT mean lack of belief in what is there. I just got into an argument about Obama not closing Guantanamo Bay and how this indicated that his preferences changed on the issue. This logic is pretty friggin stupid. Not closing Gitmo indicates opposition from people in the organization (government) but it has NO bearing on preference changes. Similarly, interest in Manning – to me – indicates that believe Manning can lead the team to the Super Bowl. It DOES NOT mean that the team doesn’t think Smith can lead them to a Super Bowl, perhaps that one can do so in a more immediate fashion.  That said, I think Peyton ends up Denver where the organization is clear that they do not believe Tebow can lead them to a Super Bowl. Also, the 49ers got amazingly close to a super bowl with crappier receivers so I doubt the organization is wavering in its belief in Smith.  Jeez….”indicates otherwise”…do better. As if you cannot have belief in two people….as if Peyton is going to play another 7 years!?  GTFO

Cheeks: Awww…You mad because your Boo is not getting any respect?…Here is where your analogy falls short. In order for Obama to get things done, he needs the support and approval from people in the organization. He can be staunch advocate of something but if he can’t get others to support his cause then his cause will be rendered ineffective. So, in the situation that you cited, it would be misguided to infer Obama’s preference. For the 49ers, the power dynamics are vastly different. Jim Harbaugh holds a lot of sway in that organization and when it comes to quarterbacks, you would think that he has the ultimate say. Anything that involves bringing in a quarterback to replace his purported darling (i.e. Alex Smith) would be strictly his call. So, for the 49ers to go after Manning–and for Harbaugh to be the one running the workouts–I think indicates that he has some doubts about Alex Smith.

Look at the other teams that we know for sure had interest in Manning. Seattle, Washington, Arizona, NY Jets, Miami, Denver, Tennessee & KC. It is widely believed around the league that those teams weren’t particularly fond of their quarterback and were looking to upgrade if possible. So, if that was the case for those teams then why can’t I assume that the 49ers also are not fully sold on their quarterback? Teams typically go after a quarterback of Manning’s caliber with health issues when they aren’t completely sold on their quarterback (See the Brett Favre situation). If it is incorrect to interpret a teams’ interest in Manning as an indictment of their current quarterback, then why the hell aren’t teams like the Bears, Lions, & Falcons going after Manning? The quarterbacks for those teams have not led their team to a Superbowl and the teams are comprised of Superbowl caliber talent. The reason is because those teams truly believe that their current quarterback is capable of leading their team to a Superbowl.

Manning will not play 7 more years but I assure you that the 49ers will NOT re-sign A. Smith if they sign Peyton.

Also, the low-key nature with which the 49ers have pursued Peyton is very suspicious.

EIC (aka Bunker): New York Giants – Superbowl Champions.

ALL II: The 49ers like Alex Smith. Coach Jim Harbaugh has repeatedly expressed his affinity for Smith. Taking a look at another veteran quarterback would threaten the relationship between the two, but Manning is a special case. Looking into a four-time MVP quarterback and future Hall of Famer doesn’t qualify as a personal affront to a quarterback with one winning season on his resume. The assumption here is that Harbaugh has communicated the team’s intentions to Smith, either directly or through Condon, and that the 49ers feel comfortable in their ability to move forward with Smith if Manning does not come to San Francisco. (

Cheeks: What else do you think Jim Harbaugh would say?! You think that if he had some doubts about Smith that he would express them to Smith? C’mon Allen. Like you like to say: DO BETTER!! Communicating with Smith is the prudent thing to do because it is not a certainty that they will land Manning. Manning is a special case yet the Lions, Bears, and Falcons are not interested but the 49ers are and they have not re-signed Smith. I’ll leave you with this: ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS.

ALL II: I think you are absolutely misevaluating the actions as they relate to the question: Do the 49ers think Smith can lead them to a Super Bowl?  Dealing with Manning indicates: we think Manning can do that.  It may be a difference in certainty but that should not be confused with believing he cannot.

EIC: As the only one who has access to Peyton Manning’s agents. The 49ers, while expressing interest are merely doing their due diligence as a franchise. One 49er source said, if we didn’t look into it, it would be tantamount to malpractice and outright irresponsibility.

Cheeks: “Difference in certainty” essentially implies that the 49ers have some doubts. They believe that Peyton can lead them to a Superbowl but aren’t completely sure that Smith can. And I go back to what I said earlier. What else did you think that Harbaugh would tell Smith?

Yes. Not looking into Peyton is certainly tantamount to malpractice and outright irresponsibility when Alex “Average” Smith is your quarterback. Lol

ALL II: Dude, a friggin four time MVP and someone widely considered as a top five greatest QB ever is a unique situation even if you have an above average QB.

Cheeks: A QB that is coming off 4 neck surgeries and is 35 years old is only a unique situation for teams that have doubts about their QB.

ALL: Absolutely not…again, ignoring the body of work.

Thank you Mr. Moneybags.


Cheeks: Absolutely not ignoring the body of work. I’m taking everything into consideration. The quarterback situation of the teams that were/are interested is telling.

ALL II: If you could not read between the lines of the Manning people and the positive support for Smith, I don’t know what to say.

Cheeks: 49ers like Smith but they have doubts hence the pursuit of Manning. Fair?

EIC: (Allen just cursed and said “that’s what the fuck I been saying”)

ALL II: NO! Pursuing Manning does not indicate doubt. For instance, I have no doubt that Westbrook is a great point guard but if I could get Chris Paul I would at least have the conversation

EIC: Allen to say that the 49ers have no doubt about Smith you’d be silly. Get it together. I don’t see the Pats, Saints, Panthers, Giants, Ravens, etc. hitting up Manning…wanna know why? They don’t have doubts about their Quarterback. Alex Smith is a pretty doubtful/unknown quantity.

Thus I have to agree with Cheeks as to why they are going after the 2nd best Manning.

Cheeks: Thank you Brian. Allen, suck it! By the way, having a conversation is different from running someone through a workout for the purposes of signing them.

ALL II: All the same to me…no real threat. I certainly am not putting Smith in the elite zone but I am saying it is fundamentally different than Denver, Tennessee, and Seattle.

The End

Halftime: Great performance by Madonna.  I really loved the stage.  Don’t need all the extra mess; just get a cool stage and fantastic backup dancers.  This just saved Super Bowl halftime shows for the next few years from the elder men of yesteryear.

14:48: OCHOCINCO! Feed him the rock.  Love the professionalism commentary that follows him.

12:20: Patriots commitment to the run is beginning to work well against the powerful pass rush.

11:20: Aaron Hernandez TD and more importantly Hernandez just went off in the celebration.  I always loved Hernandez over Gronk for his pass blocking ability and his unlimited catching potential.  Editor-In-Chief may have punched a Pats fan.

8:07: The quarterback play in this game is at an incredibly high level.  Another Manning, Eli first down!

7:16: Pats really laying on the heat.  Like the 49ers.  Big hits and tackles buoying the bend-don’t-break defense.

*Fiat Commercial with the girl is absolutely fantastic.  Captivating, sex appeal, neat car! Winner 2012 Super Bowl commercial competition*

6:24: Law firm leveled and JPP down!  (Helluva set up.  Sounds like the politics of a bank bailout)

5:57: Statue of Brady not elusive enough on the pass rush.  It’s incredible that he hardly moves after the initial dropback.

4:30: Nicks’ sure hands led to a fumble where time stopped until the Giants recovered.  Very unnerving except for the Hoodie who looks like it’s a pre-season game.

1:08: Giants look flat and have looked flat all quarter.  Also, way too many in the booth shots this game.  I do not want to see Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth.  Let’s do better.


14:17: Statue Brady with an incredible scramble and a horrific throw down the field resulting in a INT.  This is two straight games with egregious deep balls.  This team does not have a deep threat sans the oft criticized Ochocinco.  Ehhh

13:58: Bradshaw FUMBLE and recovered by the Giants.  Quite fortunate thus far.


9:35: Mario Manningham draws the ire of Collinsworth – rightfully so- by giving Manning, Eli no room to throw the ball.  It’s a classic Manningham from his Michigan days.  (Jake Ballard and his sprained knee cannot run because he has a sprained knee)

9:31: I liked the defense on the controversial no call.  That drive cost the Giants two timeouts for the master of clock management Tom Coughlin.

7:14: Brady throws a block on a reverse.  Block used broadly to describe Statue collapsing in front of a player.

5:50: Game has a tense feel.  17-15 score does that but the game has been stuck at midfield by both teams in this quarter.

5:14: Brady first down to Hernandez.  Glad he is getting his time in the spot light!

4:00: Welker! Drop! Game changer? Just brutal.  Shocking.  Too wide open.

3:46: Deion Branch and Statue cannot connect.  Punt! Manning, Eli with one time out under four minutes….

3:39: Manningham atones for his failure with an amazing catch.  Amusing aspect of catch: everyone on the Pats sideline gesturing and moving while Hoodie steps back, arms crossed, and looking unimpressed.

2:00: Red zone!  The missed opportunities by Pats come down to this.  Question of the week: Was Welker’s drop a choke?

1:35: Question two: do you let the Giants score this late?

1:06: Giants control all elements of the game.  Unreal what this does to the Hoodie/Statute.

:57: Patriots left with one time out.  Jacobs was left to score but opted not to stop at the one.  Football IQ in the big game.  21-17 Giants!

:57: Brady prefers to be down with the ball than up and on the bench.  GAME ON!

:52: Deion Branch dropped the ball.  Brady is beaming it in there.

:48: Aaron Hernandez dropped.  Clutch ratings as a team dropping every second.

:36: Brady sack.  Couldn’t avoid the pressure because the blocking was poor.  Stunning!


:09: Deep ball incomplete.  Too many men on field.  Hail Mary time!

:05: Pressure is getting to Brady.  Can’t develop the deep ball.  LAST PLAY!

Giants Win! 21-17.  Super Bowl Champs! Gronk came so close to getting the tipped ball.  The rhetoric of Manning in the head of Brady and Hoodie is alive and well.  Shocking!

Congrats to Clarke, Coughlin, and that’s about it!

Live Journal – New York State of Mind – Giants vs. Jets. Live from Manhattan Island.

12:09 – I got off the Bolt Bus from Washington D.C. I forgot how cold it was in New York. I was quickly reminded when I saw a host of Marmots and North Faces, I was left with a thin red and black hooded sweatshirt. I walked straight down Spring Street, looking for the closest sports bar with a good drink deal.

12:20 – I got to Off the Wagon at 109 MacDougal, which was surprisingly empty given there were a host of great games coming up. I gave New Yorkers the benefit of the doubt, it was Christmas Eve.

12:22 – After taking my seat at the bar, I heard a stampede. I turned around to see 12 Jets fans running upstairs, followed by five or six Giants fans, running in as if they planned the whole thing.

12:35 – A racially ambiguous Jets fan confronts me speaking in what I thought was English. Translation: “What team are you cheering for, because I am confused by your neutral colors. You are wearing black, which indicates you are neither a Jets fan nor a Giants fan.” He also mentioned that it’s okay if the Giants lost, because if the Cowboys won, the Giants still had a chance to make the playoffs. At that point, I knew I was the pretentious fan; I turned around and dismissed him without even responding. [For those who don’t know, if the Giants lost this game and the Cowboys won, the Giants would be eliminated from the playoffs]

12:44 – ESPN promo with Antrelle Rolle and Brandon Jacobs discussing what it means to be a New Yorker. Stupid. There is no reason there should be three hours of NFL Countdown. It’s a pure waste of television time.

12:50 – The crowd began erupting as the ESPN analysts make their picks for the NYJ-NYG game. I realized at the point, the bar was split by floor: Giants fans downstairs, Jets fans upstairs (with a sprinkle of Giants fans roaming around). I was of course stuck with the lowly Jets fans. I didn’t know people actually cheered and booed picks.

12:56 – Glad to see the most hyped game of the week in the biggest market getting the B-team treatment from Fox. I was highly disappointed to see Kenny Albert and Daryl “Moose” Johnston. If I had my choice between the two animals I’ll take a lame unenthusiastic Buck over a dull Moose every time.

1:00 – Kickoff – Fifth of 22 J-E-T-S JETS! JETS! JETS! chants.  I hate the chant, mostly due to jealousy. The best I have is “GGGGGG MEEEENNNNNN”. There is no way to arouse a spontaneous chorus with that. Pitcher #1

1:05: Giants hand the ball off twice for a total of two yards and Eli Manning throws a pass short of the first down. 3 and out! Good start for the Giants. I put my head down, while the sixth Jets chant breaks out.

1:13: Giants stop the Jets on 4th down. I pump my fists in the faces of the Jets fans next to me. Only to see that the Giants had 12 men on the field. Good. Another gulp of Bud Light.

1:15: Josh Baker Touchdown reception from Mark Sanchez. Moose praises Brian Schottenheimer and Sanchez for sticking to the game plan aka run the ball for at least 6 yards in the first two downs, so that Sanchez doesn’t really have to play Quarterback. Bitter.  Giants 0 Jets 7

1:25 : Eli sacked. The Jets fans erupt. I move closer to the edge of the bar. The game is eerily resembling the Redskins game, where the Giants came out flat. They struggled to move the ball. Eli looked awkward, which isn’t saying much, but he looked dopey in the first few drives. Again not saying much.

1:31: Another Giants drop. For as much as the statistics and analysts love to credit the Giants “young explosive” wide receiver core for the reason Eli’s having such a great year, Eli would be putting up Dan Marino-esq. numbers if they held onto the ball. The Giants lead the league in drops. Drive killing and touchdown-squandering drops, but of course all of the blame will go on the slouching shoulders of the younger Manning.

1:33: Brandon Jacobs sighting. Trucks Kyle Wilson. As much as a malcontent that guy can be, no one can deny that when he’s running hard, he adds something special to the Giants’ offense.

1:37: Another punt. Another Jets chant

1:48: Victor Cruz makes a nice catch and run to the goal line. I can’t stand this guy. He’s either breaking off 80 yard runs and making circus catches or running the wrong route or having the ball bounce off of his face. Frustrating, but all anyone says is “I love that guy, he’s on my fantasy team!”

The Goal line also means there’s a chance that Brandon Jacobs could score! Which means inappropriate touchdown dance! I’m very excited for this.

1:51: 2 more drops lead to a Giants field goal. No Brandon Jacobs dance, no touchdown, also robs me of the excuse to do the dance, without seeming as though I’m a sexual predator. JETS fans go craaazy. DEFENSE! DEFENSE! J- E… ninth chant. Someone screamed about “Revis Island”, I also heard something about the Loch Ness Monster, Big Foot and Tim Tebow.  Jets 7 Giants 3

2:05: I don’t know who the Giants Special Teams coordinator is, but he should be fired immediately. They have not had a significant return or game-changing play as a result of special teams. Besides punt returners fumbling of course.

2:13: Jets fans completely misunderstood the illegal touching rule. In the mean time, the excitement in the game slowed down significantly at this point. The game was an offensive struggle at that point. This left a lot of time for the women in the bar to get distracted and begin talking about one another. This included the women commenting on the perkiness of each others’ breasts, not that I was listening. I also overheard one woman (Jet fan of course) accuse the other woman of having “breasts so huge, she could  feed a whole village in the Philippines.” I just googled “Population of villages in the Philippines” and I agree.

2:16: Bar tender offers me buffalo wings. She clearly understands men, but doesn’t understand black men. You know what they say, if you ever build a canoe, paint it black, because it won’t tip.

(At some point): Victor Cruz takes an 11-yard catch and turns it into a 99-yard touchdown. Oh! No Brandon Jacobs dance, but I get the questionably offensive salsa touchdown dance. I’ll take it. Giants take the lead for the first time. Jets 7 Giants 10

2:25: Aaron Ross picks up a fumble and runs into the end zone for a touchdown. It didn’t look like a fumble. A closer look revealed that it was a very close play. It looked as though Antrelle Rolle kicked the ball out of the receiver’s arms. Either way, it was inconclusive, which means the play should stand.

2:27: The play was reversed. Much to my dismay. 11th Jets chant.

Bladder Relief : I bumped into an old blue collar white male wearing a random jersey of some back-up center that I’m sure even Pat Hanlon is unaware exists. “Terrible call”, he said leaning over the urinal. “But we’ll get them,” he said as he spilled on the floor in front of him. “In Eli I trust,” he grunted. He pat me on the back. Still unsure, whether he bothered to wash his hands.

2:35: Jets missed field goal to end the half.

HALFTIME: Where the ridiculous happens. The atmosphere evolved from a stadium to a parade. Not Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parades, but more along the lines of Labor Day Parade, Puerto Rican Day Parade, grope fest type of parade. It happened so quickly. A minute after I digested the groping/dancing, a rock version of the driedel song began playing. Although the bar was filled with primarily gentiles, they all grouped together both Jets and Giants fans, swayed back and forth singing along.

2:52: Giants Defense gets a three and out? – Yes! Pitcher #2

3:29: Bradshaw trucks Rodney Pool and the bar goes crazy. Jets 7 Giants 17. This feels good. The Jets fans are slowly coming to the realization that they could lose the game.

3:52: Sanchez driving. Throws a fade route to Plaxico Burress for the Touchdown. Revenge! I have Jets fans hounding me, until… YES! Pass Interference, Offense number #17.

3:54: Right on cue. Sanchez fumbles!

Shot interlude

3:55: Play reversed. Jets fans rejoice. JETS chant #16

4:00: 3rd and Goal from the 2. Pro-Bowl Center Nick Mangold fumbles the ball. However, no one in the bar realizes that the Giants recovered the ball. JETS chant #17.

4:01: Jets fans are confused when they see the Giants with the football. Jets 7 Giants 20

4:02: Hakeem “Great Hands” Nicks, has the ball bounce of his hands and chest for another undeserved blow to Eli Manning’s stats. Why wouldn’t they run the ball? Coughlin/whoever calls plays confuses me. Judging by his reaction, I think Coughlin was confused why they didn’t run the ball.

4:05: Pierre-Paul comes up big with a strip sack. I pump my fists in the face of the Filipino-village breast feeding woman. She called me a faggot. I think that was uncalled for.

4:06: Rex Ryan wins another challenge. The Giants just can’t get a break.

4:10: Sanchez runs it in for a Touchdown. JETS chant #18 and #19. Jets 14 Giants 20

4:15: The Cowboys-Eagles games starts and throws my focus off for a bit. I miss a few plays including a rare DJ Ware first down.

4:20: Sanchez gets the ball. Can he be that clutch player every Jets fan claims he is. He drops back, Chris Canty grabs him in the end zone and he throws the ball to D’Brickashaw Ferguson. Safety! Giants fans lose it jumping on top of the Jet fans, again the word Faggot and bitch was thrown around a lot. Jets 14 Giants 22

4:23: Free-kick on-side kick. JETS chant #22. Giants recover.

4:25: Ahmad Bradshaw ends the day with a touchdown! Jets 14 Giants 29


Dallas vs. Giants next week! I’m live.